Wednesday, 16 June 2010

moxie fab world challenge: I want to ride my bicycle

I came across this challenge whilst blog hopping for play date cafe.  I love these ladies on bicycles, they make me think of Mary Poppins, and when I did this doiley page in my journal I knew I had to have them cycling around the edge!

They are from the Mannequin Cafe set, which I bought on my last trip to The Stamp Attic.  Head over here if you'd like to join in with this challenge too :)

Gladys and Ethel went to tea
in a beautiful china cup.
They wore their hats
and chatted of cats,
looking forward to crumpets and toast!

Talking of  The Stamp Attic, my recent order came super quick.  I'm so excited to get these!

I can't wait to use those 'shrooms' in my journal [and they'll go particularly well with my project for usartquest - watch this space! ] and how cute are those quails?  The really make me think of next door's hens, who wouldn't oblige when I tried taking a photo:

They were much more interested in leftover spaghetti (which Lou next door is sure they think is worms lol).  In the end I put one on my knee for a photo, she looks like she's giving me the evil eye and saying 'put me down, I'm eating!!'


  1. What a wonderful page Sarah, I particularly like the doiley and the colours. Those stamps are on my wish list too LOL. Have a good evening and hope the craft room tidy is going well LOL. Tracy Evans x

  2. What a fun post and that project with the bicycles is so great : )

    Can't wait to see those stamps put to use xx

  3. Lovely journal page, the cycling ladies excellent going round the world, oh, doilie I meant lol ;-) The new stamps look yummy, mind you, are these actually yummy edible shrooms? ;) x

  4. Those bicycling ladies are soo fab and so are those in the teacup. What wonderful things you come up with! xxD

  5. The ladies on their bikes is an adorable stamp! LOVE your hens! We raised hens for several years and I miss those good fresh eggs! Well. I still buy farm fresh eggs but don't have hens :)

  6. Wendy informs me that you had the last moongirl (its not fair, only just stopped stamping my feet) My order came super quick also. Happy crafting hunny see you Monday

    Tracey x x x x

  7. I have all these stamps. I love them. I love moon girl on the mushrooms. so cute.

  8. I just love this fun style! CUTE card.

  9. Hey Sarah! Thanks for entering the I Want to Ride My Bicycle challenge in the Moxie Fab World! :)

  10. So nice this style... I love those illustration...!


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