Tuesday, 21 September 2010

a new addition to the family

This is Teddy, our new 12ish week old guinea pig.  Guinea pigs are very social creatures and need a mate.  When Winston died, Scout spent a couple of days looking for him and squeaking loudly, obviously missing his buddie.  Pets at Home had a few baby guinea pigs but Teddy was the prettiest.  And he's so, so soft to touch.  And tiny...

Although the guinea pigs appear happy in each other's company, it is advisable to introduce them to each other slowly.  So Scout is camping out in the kitchen, literally

They look like Little and Large together, it's rather funny ;)  Teddy attended Day Two of Elements, just briefly, where we got some help naming him.  Apparently Bear Grylls is heading up the Scout movement now; we didn't like Baden, and Sophe wasn't keen on Bear (although I loved the irony) so Teddy he is :)


  1. Ah, very cute :-) Our house bunny is called Teddy!

  2. aw he's so cute. friend of mine at school had 17. they were such friendly creatures and they kept breeding LOL

  3. OOOhhhh so cute!! This brought back a lot of memories..I had a guinea pig when I was young..her name was "Miss Piggy" :)

  4. Oh he's just darling! My boys have dwarf campbells hamsters. Its amazing how much room a tiny little creature can take in their hearts! Congrats on your newest family member :)

  5. what a sweetie, hope it is a good match. hugs

  6. Teddy is such a doll, Sarah! So cute.

  7. Fab name - I approve! He is the colour of a golden teddy bear. Hope they settle together soon.

  8. Love him!!! GP's were always my favoutite pets as a child, still love them now .... you've planted a thought in my head now ....
    Spk sonn
    Chris F

  9. Oh, Sarah I've only just spotted this and he's so cute! Is he coming to Port Sunlight? (Better not tell the committee I'm encouraging livestock...) You could stamp & stitch a little baby sling for him!


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