Friday, 17 September 2010

that's another one off my list!

Do you have crafting projects on your list that have been there years and you still haven't done them?  This piece for the Artistic Stamper Creative Team Blog is one of mine. Let me know what's on your list [just 'cos I'm nosy lol!], before you head on over to the Artistic Stamper blog where I'm guest designer this month :)


  1. ooer missus you asked... journal, half finished mirror, half finished mosaic in the garden ( 3 years in the making.. should I go on... popping over to ee what you made ))

  2. Did you have to remind me lol? Lots of journal pages which only have paint on them, a half painted box that is for altering, a sort of abacus, 78 inchies on a A3 sheet (others have finished theirs for the Cubby Hole and .....well you did ask! loving ALL your work.

  3. LOL You don't want to know whats on my to do list, it would fill at least 3 pages full.........scary or what........ Enjoy the weekend, Annette x

  4. If you really want to know...

    I have a book of words & phrases that are waiting to become journal pages, couple of boxes, some picture frames, canvases....

    Oh yes, there's also a challenge at a certain Café :)


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