Tuesday, 7 September 2010


I just love this guy by Lucy Casson - you can almost hear him saying 'look, look, I got to carry the brush!!'   

I have so much to catch up with with you here in blogland.  Sue and I went to Wales last week to visit the 'Smile' exhibition at Ruthin Craft Centre.  I'd particularly wanted to see Julie Arkell's work

but there was so many other artists exhibiting whose work I fell in love with!

Both Sue and I adored the little metal figurines created by Lucy Casson, especially the little 'borrower' type people she had taking a chair apart!

And their were more metal people created by Abbott and Ellwood.  Can't you just imagine this cart being brought into the market square for people to claim their 'Lost Adults' LOL
I'd also wanted to see the work of Tilleke Schwarz as I'd come across her work last year whilst blog hopping.  There's something that fascinates me about her work, and I'm planning a journal page inspired by it.  I was hoping to get it done today but it didn't happen - I went back to bed this am as I needed some extra sleep after driving down to Oxford this weekend to teach at The Stamp Attic, and staying up too late talking to Wendy lol

Whilst I was down there the new Invoke Arts stamps came in.  I just had to have this Paris Ledger stamp, and made a quick CAS card with it in my cardmaking workshop on Saturday,  More about the workshops tomorrow, but until then, I need to announce the winner of my USArtQuest giveaway.  Random.org picked 19 which is 

Congratulations!  I'll get your ATC out to you ASAP :)

I've now reached the end of my designer term with USArtQuest, but would like to thank them for having me, and for supplying me with such great product - I had fun!  Thanks :)


  1. What fun those exhibits must have been. They so remind me of the shop we visited in Chicago at Water Tower Place...so much color and SO much laughter : )
    Can't wait to hear more about the weekend at Wendy's...and I have to say that I LoVe that Ledger stamp...so BIG right now, aren't they? They certainly are here. xx

  2. I wish I could have gone to this exhibit too; it looks fabulous. Lots of inspiration. And your card is fab too. I love all the white space around the images. Unless that's just what you put it on to photograph it. In which case I feel like an idiot!

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I wish I could have gone--so jealous! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE craft fairs and shops like this! I also love your CAS card--so fun! I can't wait to read more about your weekend and the class! LOVE IT:) Have a good one!

  4. Hi, This is CeeJay I was so happy to hear I won your giveaway. Thank you so much for the beautiful ATC

  5. You've had a busy week, but I just love those little guys in the exhibition - how cute.

  6. Inspiration indeed... love the little people.. wish I lived nearer :(
    Also rather liking the new stamp you have...mmm feel a buy coming on...lol
    Hugs x

  7. The 'Smile' exhibition was definitely worth going to, judging by your photos. I used to love going to Ruthin when I lived up north, especially to the Art/Craft Centre, there.

    Your cards from the workshop are really different; I love them. I hope to come to one of your's sometime soon.

    Take care
    Sue xx

  8. Beautiful card Sarah. Sorry where are the atcs going to? Did I mis-hear????!!!

  9. OOh I love the little people, how much expression has Lucy Casson achieved in her characters, loads:D
    Your card is wonderfully simple, love it:D xx

  10. The Borrowers! so cute. and I loved those books as a kid

  11. That sounds like a great exhibition and the figurines look lovely. I love your card ;) shame I had to miss the workshop as it looked like great fun and creative juices were definately flowing! xx

  12. Ooh I love what you did with your new stamp.
    And thanks for sharing the cute critters from the exhibition. They have a touch of the Clangers about them! x


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