Wednesday, 15 September 2010

horses, toads and ... hang on, toads?

Armed with my lovely, new, internet-connected smartphone, I set off last Friday on a birthday weekend away (a 40th and a 50th) with 10 girlfriends.  We stayed in the very centre of England pretty much, and had NO MoBiLe ReCePTioN!!  So I am very behind on visiting blogs, especially saying hi to playdate entrants!  We had a fabulous time though.  Just look at the cottage we stayed in

It was beautiful inside, had ponies in the back field

and a stunning view from the front

The village was called Newborough and was in Staffordshire.  It had a pub (which served excellent food), a church, a telephone box and postbox, a school, but no shop.

Some gorgeous houses too!

As a treat for my 40year old friend, I took a craft activity to do.  We made 'pants' books, which those who've been on my workshop at Wendy's will remember!  

We got home late Monday night, and got up to some sad news on Tuesday - my guinea pig Winston had died in the night.  It's been heartbreaking seeing and hearing Scout look for him (he's Tom's guinea pig).  That same morning I found a baby toad in my cellar room (which houses my craft stuff)

I can't cope with frogs in the house but toads don't jump like frogs do so I could cope with catching this little man in a large jar!  Let him loose in the garden, didn't fancy him as a new pet lol

I really don't feel like my feet have stopped running since I got home.  I'm just putting the final touches to my piece for Elements this weekend.  Paddy asked me to let you all know that we had three cancellations due to really ill health (which is so sad when people are that poorly).  We've found a replacement for one of them, but if anyone would like to join us at the last minute, please phone Paddy on 0161 798 5115.

For those who are attending - really looking forward to seeing you there!   The workshops are fabulous and I'm really looking forward to teaching my 'element' :)


  1. What fun and it sounds like you had a blast! What a neat get-away!

  2. What an amazing place for a getaway. Really is must have been quite good to get away from phones too. Love toady!!
    Sue xx

  3. Ooh what a fun weekend! Looks like a fabulous place, and glad you were able to do some crafting :-)

  4. Hi Sarah

    Sounds like a great place for a retreat!! Errr, those aren't bottles of ink I spy in the table are they, unless Becks have started making alcohol inks haha!!

    Sorry to hear about your Guinea Pig, you will have to get Scout another playmate but possibley not the toad, eww.

    Sarah x

    PS I am intrigued about what a pants book is!!??!

  5. Sounds like you had a great time away, what a pretty village.

  6. It's really all go at your house, isn't it?!
    That toad was a nice treat to find :)
    I bet it was a bit of a fright at first!
    I was so happy to have a sweet look at Winston (Lincoln ; ) on Skype...poor thing :(
    I am looking a airfares to get there by the weekend, because YOUR classes are totally worth it... : ) xx

  7. Never mind the horses that little toad is lovely!!! Sorry about the guineapig :(
    Sounds like a good fun weekend.

  8. Aww so sorry to hear about your guinea pig and poor Scout missing him.

    Your weekend sounds lovely, and what a fabulous house you stayed in.

    Toad is lovely.

  9. ACKKKKKKKKKKKK!! I want to go on a vacation or weekend trip with you! This cottage is so pretty and fun! LOVE that lush green grass and tress....just everything! Looks like FUN FUN FUN! As for the toad---eh! I can do without that;) So glad you had fun! Lots of love:)

  10. Hi Sarah~

    I'm very sorry about your little guinea pig. So sad. :(

    Your trip looked beautiful. How I'd love to visit gorgeous England, but I have to get over my fear of flying first!!! Cute little toad...did you dare give him a little kiss to see if he was a prince? Oh what am I thinking...that's a frog, not a toad! Oh well!

    Happy creating, Sweetie!
    xo Paulette


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