Friday, 1 October 2010

new things

A friend and I are starting a new venture together next week, teaching half day workshops in our local church building.  They have a fantastic cafe each Tuesday and Thursday so we're running our workshops in a good sized room off the cafe so we'll all have easy access to the great coffee and cake ;)  

My first workshop is this little trinket box, and the following week Jo is teaching shaped cards.  We're situated in Sale, Cheshire, if anyone's interested in joining us.  

All the details are on my new website, The Art of Moodling.  I'm thrilled to have been able to use the artwork from my blog banner on my website, and on my business cards.  :)  The hardest thing was to describe what I do, but I'm pleased with the description I came up with in the end!

I play with paper, paint, inks and 
odds n ends to make beautiful things, 
and teach others to make lovely things too! 

I'm teaching a weekend long workshop at The Cubby Hole, Crewe from tonight, which I'm really looking forward too.  Our theme is 'Permission to Play' and we're focusing on some big ideas.  The Big Paint kicks off the weekend at 6pm tonight.  I'll share photos as soon as I can :)


  1. Best wishes with your workshops..anywhere there's cake and coffee is a GOOD place! Cute little trinket box!

  2. Gorgeous trinket box Sarah! Good luck in your new venture, will seeif I can change a shift around so I can come along one day, the coffee and cake is an added bonus lol1

    Sarah x

  3. Love your trinket box sarah, it matches your logo beautifully. The very best of luck with your new venture, not that you will need it, your work is fab.

  4. Hi Sarah, I am new to all this and picked your name out at random and I LOVE your little box. I shall definately keep looking at your blog.Sue Allan has just told me that you are responsible for driving me round the bend, because you started all this. I make so many mistakes and get SO frustrated but I shall try to persevere. Thanks for a lovely blog.

  5. gorgeous box Sarah. i have that little stamp tucked away somewhere - will have to dig it out again. the pearls embellishments really highlight. lots of luck and fun with the new venture!

  6. What a gorgeous box, Sarah! The butterfly is so delicate ;) Congrats and good luck in your new ad/venture! ;))) xx

  7. I am so happy for you to be moving forward in the direction of your true's about time, huh?!! Love how all the doors AND windows are opening ; ) xx

  8. HOOOOOOOOOORAY! God is good!!! He has blessed you with an amazing talent and you are sharing it with EVERYONE:) I wish I could come!! I wish we lived closer:) Please take pics--this box is so cute! Always need a box for my trinkets around the desk...and in the bathroom...and next to the bed....I really need lots of these:) Good luck with your classes!! LOVE IT:)

  9. Beautiful background for a business card too.

  10. Good luck with your new venture!
    Love Chris x

  11. Sounds love fun ... love this classy project.

  12. what an adorable little box - and in my favorite color too! Good luck on the workshops

  13. I don't know what could be better than art, coffee and cakes! Best of luck to you...and your cards look excellent!

  14. Congratulations on your new venture, I wish you masses of luck and fun, well, we know you will have fun!!!

    The trinket box is beautiful and it is such a nice touch to have the butterfly inside.
    What a fantastic gift it would make!
    Easy access to coffee and cake is the icing on it.

    Best wishes
    Sue xx


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