Sunday, 3 October 2010

snug in a cubby hole through a very wet weekend

When it's raining outside, the best place to be is snug and warm inside, making stuff!  Carol and I taught a weekend long workshop at The Cubby Hole this weekend, starting with a 'big paint' on Friday night.  This was SuCH fun (head over to Nigel's blog for a great piccie).  We used some rather unconventional materials for adding paint to the paper - mop, brush, scourer, spray bottle...

This paper looks fabulous now; some of it is framed in A3 size, some makes up journal pages, and smaller pieces form elements in our books.

Carol taught a great tyvek class on Saturday morning.  The painted and heated pieces looked fantastic put through the cuttlebug with Paper Artsy's dies

 By the end of the weekend everyone had made a felt paper journal, with tiny books and pockets inside. 

At various points during the weekend my mobile played the Strictly Come Dancing theme tune which indicated that it was time for a journal prompt. Our theme for the weekend was 'Permission to Play' so there  were various game related links. My favourite journal prompt, 'Inspired by...', involved Suzanne choosing a number using the Bingo machine

We then looked up this number in my book '1,000 Journal Pages' by Dawn DeVries and found a collection of pages by Kathy Welsh.

Looking at her pages, and number 37 in particular (this matched the bingo ball), we decided that her work  was characterised by bright colours, circles, faces and writing. 

I really struggled with painting a flat coloured background, but love the nearly finished page.  I just need to add some writing now.  Not being brave enough to paint a face (unlike Christine!), I used an image from the fabulous Graphic 45 Steampunk papers.

Here's a close up of some of the others' pages

 little Sue's peacock page

 Christines' beautifully painted face

Tracey's fab Zetti style page

 Love that dragonfly of Nigel's

Suzanne's exquisite peacock lady page

I'll show you some more pictures tomorrow.  Thanks to everyone who came and made the weekend so great!  And especially to Carol for looking after us so well, and Paul for drilling holes in draught pieces for me and making our toast for breakfast :)


  1. I love that floor art, what terrific fun. Everyones work is just gorgeous. Obviously a really great day was had by everyone. x

  2. love these mini's and it looks like a fun class!

  3. I know that wherever YOU are, there's a party goin' on! Looks like a fab time! xx

  4. Fun class! thanks for stopping by. love the little books!

  5. OH WOW! It looks like you had a BLAST! I soooooooo wish we could come! This looks so fun and FAB! I love love love it:) Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Looks like you had a great class! I love painting huge Jackson Pollack-like.

  7. Super duper weekend Sarah....thank you so much again!

  8. Looks like you had a fantastic weekend, shame I missed it. Tracy Evans x

  9. Sarah, this workshop looks totally amazing. The results are incredible and the painting techniques are really imaginative.

    Painting with mops, that must have been so amusing. You never cease to amaze me with your techniques for having creative fun with paint. Wow.
    Sue xx

  10. This looks like great fun, the finished pieces are FAB, LOVE your one! I also love how you got your inspiration with the bingo balls and then picking out the main ideas from the book, fab!!!!!!

  11. definitely some fabulous fun and creativity going on there Sarah!

  12. Thanks for a great weekend, however I have to take issue with the picture of me at the sewing machine - I do have my street cred to consider :p


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