Saturday, 16 October 2010

glowing like the moon at The StampMan

Or maybe that post title should be 'shining like a star' as my hands were certainly very shiny after playing with Starburst Stains at The StampMan today lol!  I've had a set of these for a while now so when I got the opportunity to spend the day with one of the Queens of stardust (well, at least two really!)  I jumped at the chance.

 The transformation of the powder (left) to ink (right) can be quite dramatic.

[Of course the most dramatic colour is the one I did before taking photos!!!]  These inks come in powder form then you top them up with hot tap water, stir and leave to stand.

Then you watch the lovely Vix paint one colour of ink onto a sheet of paper [action shot there of Vix shaking the jar of blue as the mica settles at the bottom after a while]...

... add drops of a couple of other colours, before folding the paper in half and scrunching it into a ball...

...which transforms it into this FaBuLouS piece of paper :)  SHiNY :)

You can make a paler piece by putting clean water onto the paper first instead of a colour stain.  I had a wonderful play with this technique and ended up with very blue hands, which Jill took photos of so I'm keeping an eye on her blog lol.

I then had a play in my journal, spraying one of the stains then stamping with paint dabbers before adding punched snowflakes and one of the images from the Butterfly Beauties plate.

Turning this butterfly beauty into a winter one was inspired by a card Vix had made [ok, ok, I nicked the idea off her, but with permission :)]  When I find my small snowflake punch I'm going to add more snowflakes to her hair!!  

The StampMan shop is always crammed with beautiful samples, so I took these photos with Julie in mind, as she'd have loved to have come and played!  Apologies to the other lovely ladies who were demoing, I didn't take any pics as I was distracted by my new inks, but you can find Michelle here and Jill B here.


  1. Looks like you had a great time Sarah and I love the look of the sprays, your piece has turned out wonderfully. Love the intense blue and the addition of the snowflakes. Tracy Evans x

  2. Glad you had a fab day. Really sorry i missed it and was unable to meet you.
    Love love love what you have done with the butterfly beauties in your journal. Its fab xxx
    love debbie xxx

  3. Thank you for always thinking of me... : ) I love the 'action' shot of Vix shaking the jar! Will have to go visit her as it's been awhile..we were both on the Artistic Stamper team together.
    Looks like a lovely, colorful day! xx

  4. Thanks Sarah, it was great to see you again! Sorry for my blog post title, I couldn't think of anything quickly so Ian suggested it! I guess you knew that might happen:)

    Wish Julie could have been with us too, soon hopefully!!

    Jill xx

    PS: There are no more chocolate cakes:(

  5. Hi there, love Starburst Stains such gorgeous colours, your beautiful shades of blue piece is just that, beautiful:0)
    I thought Jill's title really rather amusing He! He! He!
    Thank you for your kind and supportive comments on my blog :0) xx

  6. Some lovely techniques here Sarah.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment


  7. I am booking a flight ASAP! I cannot stand that you have all this talent and all this creativity and talent that I NEED!!!!!!!!!! I love love love how creative you are- just in awe every time I stop by!

    LOVE that you had a great time!! GOD is GOOD:) Isn't it fun using his blessings/talents to share with the world!! LOVE IT:)

  8. Oooh! I'll just HAVE to get these ... look what you've done to me! Sounds a great day and you did some lovely stuff..
    I met you at Port Sunny last week... It's me with the silver hand made jewellery (big oblong pendant).
    Jo x

  9. looks like you all had a loverly inky day!

  10. oooh nooo crap pic alert mwhaha!

    Fabulous piece of work, was fascinated watching from start to finish :D Turned out a beauty there x


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