Friday, 12 February 2010

another fun art journalling workshop at Paddy's

I find it really hard to remember to take photos during workshops.  I'm too distracted...teaching!!! :)  It wasn't until I moved to sit opposite Paddy at the end of the day and spotted a photo opportunity that I remembered!  We were a small group as we'd had a couple of cancellations, and Helen had had to leave to collect her children, but here are a few pictures of the day.

Sylvia's done this workshop before but used a tiny weeny book to work in.  She's filled a couple of them so Paddy challenged her to work on a larger size (8x8).  What a difference in confidence since the first class she did.  And her backgrounds are amazing (check out the piece of card next to the pink heat gun; I encourage everyone to wipe off their brush, stencil, sponge.. on it, and stamp off any remaining ink from their stamps.  It produces a wonderful collaged piece which can be cut up and used in your journal)...

I love the peach tones with the teal here, colours I wouldn't normally choose but LOVE so will be choosing them for a journal page soon!

Sylvia has a corner shop so had to nip out at lunchtime and 'hometime' (school) to tend to it.

Sue thoroughly enjoyed her day with us.  She wanted to be free-er in her artwork (something I aim for too!) and had a great time laying down colours for her backgrounds before working on a few pages with images. Sorry, I forgot to take those pics!!

I made a few pages up whilst demoing various painting techniques.  Non finished yet; some I have plans for, others will be there when I need them! 

[note to self, colour seeps through cartridge paper when you make it very wet!]

Sue shared a rhyme with us when we were discussing colour so I decided to start some journal pages around that theme...

blue and green
should never be seen
except with something in between

red and green
should never be seen
except upon a donkey!!! :)


  1. Ha ha! Love the rhyme! I especially like your last blue/green journal page. Gorgeous :-)

  2. These all look lovely all look gorgeous Sarah and really colourful.
    You might be interested to know that I've actually met Paddy and she's a lovely lady. We were on the same class at the NEC Trade Show about 4 or 5 years back and sat next to each other. I ended up helping her out as there was so much noise that she couldn't hear the tutor.
    Love that rhyme too!
    Fliss x

  3. Outstanding! Love what your students were able to put together, but I have to say that the journal pages that you had prepared were so the dimension of those little houses and banners! xx

  4. Fab journal backgrounds & such variety !

  5. Fancy getting Paddy to sit still long enough! All those pages look great - can't wait for part two!
    Thanks fro kind comments on my blog re PDCC tag book - no stamping, but I had fun making it!
    See you soon I hope
    Chris xx

  6. Hi Sarah.

    Your workshop looks great fun and what wonderful backgrounds, I love the rhyme too!!!!


  7. ha ha! My mom is from England and always tells me that when she was little people would say Blue and Green should never been seen - but she doesn't know the rest. And I always have to argue with her because I think blue and green are perfect colors together! (and of course are next to each other on the color wheel...)


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