Tuesday, 2 February 2010

art calendar 2010 365 challenge - new pages

January's complete:

and although they're a little late, I got February's pages prepped today.  Sue came over and we prepped our pages together.

We had a very relaxing day stamping, cutting and sticking, spraying and shading.  One of the great things about getting together with a friend is you can share stamps and inks :)  I used Sue's Invoke Arts hearts in the background alongside some of my own heart rubberstamps.

I'm not sure I want to write on these pages to be honest!!

I carried on journalling after Sue left, writing out a phrase I've been passionate about recently ...

...and venturing out of my comfort zone by starting out with a black page...

I used my pan pastels for the first time and LOVED them.  I've used pastels before but these are ultra fine, and sooooo soft.  No chalky bits with these.  The journal page actually says 'Face your fears' but the Old English font I chose does make it appear to say 'pour' instead!

And finally, Helen, from Stamping by H, left me a comment the other day regarding my talented family, and I wanted to take the opportunity to show what my very, very talented Mum made the other day.

How cute is he?!!  Mum makes bears from chenille pipecleaners and this is one of her latest designs.  I am always in awe at how she can come up with all these different designs and outfits. 


  1. Where to start? The journal pages are awesome and I really love that you went with hearts for February!

    The Tim Holtz stamp used over and over is fab!

    And..I am the proud owner of one of those sweet little bears. One created by your mum and one created by you...they sit smiling on my shelf.

  2. Well done on finishing your January pages and getting the February ones prepped and ready to go... I love what you have done with the Tim Holtz (isnt he a marvel) stamps as well... keep up the good work...xoxo

  3. Oh my goodness Sarah! All of these artsy projects are gorgeous! Those bears are so precious that your mom makes! :) TFS

  4. Your journal pages are wonderful! February's is lovely, I can understand why you don't want to write on it! I love your mum's bears too!!

  5. Blimey you did get a lot done after I left!
    It is fun creating together, so relaxing!
    Love the number page and the black one, oh what the heck I just love them all!

  6. Sarah I love your January page! It looks really tactile and fab little diagrams and pictures.
    February is looking fun! Love the use of all the hearts.
    Your journalling pages are brilliant - particularly the black one!!
    Lesley x

  7. Ooooo just love everything, but I ESPECIALLY love all the hearts on your Feb page.

  8. I LOVE your January page, I LOVE your Feb page, I LOVE your journal pages and I LOVE your Mum's bear
    Oh, and I LOVE the new challenge that you set me LOL! You're on! Thank you sooooo much. Also LOVE the ATC and the envelope.
    Kate x
    P.S. How on earth do you make a bear out of pipecleaners?!

  9. You have been busy Sarah and they are all stunning! You are so clever, all your ideas just work so well, I guess that's because you are so talented:) Well done for completing January and I too love the February hearts theme. Love you mum's bear too, like Kate I was wondering how you make a bear out of a pipe cleaner, I think we need to know!!!

    Jill x

  10. WoWzA, you are a fantastic altered artist! Love this journal; so beautifully done!

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  12. Sarah - I LOVE your journal pages (LOL at The Prisoner quote - Classic!) I havent attempted a Black page yet-You've inspired me to give it a go
    Your Calander pages are equally as amazing. Your Feb page must have taken ages - I can understand the reluctance to write on it - just stunning!
    Great work from your mum too - so cute !

  13. Sweetie, the seed hasn't fallen far from the tree! You and your mum are so talented! Your journal is amazing, I REALLY love your heart "days" for February, and Mum's bear is just adorable! Big Hugs, Paulette xoxo


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