Friday, 19 February 2010

Inspired by ...

Diana Trout!

For this week's play date, Sue, Helen and I decided to use one of my journalling books for inspiration, and I chose 'Journalling Spilling' by Diana Trout.  I love her splashy, painty way of journalling.  We started by watching one of her art journalling youtube videos:

Then we got out a selection of collage papers and paints

and obediently picked out both paper and paint randomly,

ending up using colour combos we really wouldn't have chosen.

I picked out two reds, a blue and black.  The hardest thing was not reaching for a rubber stamp to add pattern and texture.  I had to make my own with my paintbrush!

And my gel pen.  I love the small circles surrounding the larger one.  I also used a pearlescent paint to add highlights to the page as it was in danger of being too dark.

The words were found in the Radio Times..they seemed rather fitting!!!

Looking after our children at the same time as journalling meant I forgot to take pictures of us ... sorry!  If you missed our last 'inspired by' day, have a look here.

EDIT:  And head here to Sue's blog, Jabberwocky, to see her yummy pages; she's written on hers :)


  1. Yep! jealous...totally!

    Looks like you managed to get that table cleaned off in time : )

    Beautiful work my friend...xx

  2. TOTALLY AMAZING!!! Nowt else to add cos it is just that! :O))

  3. Oh fabulous! I love that you folks ran with the idea and how your pages turned out. I think you are inspiring. Isn't it wonderful fun to journal with friends? I love your blog, btw.

  4. wonderful colour combinations.. must try this :)

  5. Thanks you guys!

    Yep, I cleared the table, but now it is full again, and surrounded by piles of stuff on the floor LOL

  6. This is wonderful. I LOVE that colour combo, and the texture is amazing :-)

  7. Yay!! We sure did have a fun day did we not! Just what I needed to unwind a little xx

  8. Beautiful! I haven't done journalling before, but your stunning work makes me want to try!

  9. you three are so lucky to be able to get together. I was wondering whether to get this book - I think you've confirmed that I need it!! great day's creating Sarah.

  10. I think that these are great and thanks for the Youtube link. I'm definetly going to try this. It's looks like so much fun.


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