Sunday, 14 February 2010

happy valentine's day!

I taught a metal embossing workshop at Paddy's yesterday (rpt next Tues still has a couple of spaces if anyone's interested) so I just had to continue my theme for my valentine!  I heated the copper in the flame from my gas cooker to get the coloured effect:

One of the things I love about teaching workshops is that people go away sometimes with a new confidence in themselves.  Two people on the workshop had metal tools at home that they'd just had no success with.  They both went home thrilled with their pieces, and keen to carry on at home.

We worked on copper sheet which allowed us to colour the metal in a number of ways.  We had such a laugh 'aging' our copper with sawdust, vinegar and salt n vinegar crisps.  Sawdust and vinegar worked the best, how cool does Kate's flower look?

We used rubber stamps for the images on our books

Lynn's work already looks fabulous, but think how amazing this is going to be when it's covering the book...all that yummy texture!

Sue, Cynthia and Kate all had different themes

Sue's had a dragon theme, like Kate's, but on the back she used the Tanda stamps roof tile image to represent scales!  Cynthia went for a heart theme.  The Elusive Images heart just looks amazing in copper, as do the keys and locks that Kate used.

Sue and Cynthia did work some more color into their books after I took these photos.  Sue was especially thrilled to be taking home a completed project!!

Kate took hers home to colour with promarkers so she could be more precise with applying colour to her piece.


This metal book definitely brought out the dragon lovers in our group!  Freema embossed a beautiful tree on the other side of her book...

[apols for photo quality]

Having noticed that Ten Seconds Studio had brought out a gears embossing plate at CHA 2010, I wondered how well Tim's gears would emboss.  I love how Sue used this idea to create 'leaves' on the tree her owl is sitting on.  I'd watch her blog for more pics of this yummy book, I suspect it wil have had more additions once it got home!


  1. LOVE that heart Sarah. The heated colours are wonderful. The only time I tried that with our blow torch it went white and crumbled ROFL. I shall certainly look out for Sue's book - that a gorgeous creation. Looks like a fab class.

  2. It only takes seconds in a naked flame Carol, and I'm guessing a blow torch is hotter than my oven so may only have needed a sec or two!!!

  3. Gorgeous Sarah! Thanks for sharing all these photos! Looks like fun times! Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. Looks like a FAB workshop hun...loving the metal..and heating it...FAB idea...thanks for sharing x

  5. Fantastic metalwork, favourite is the gears and wheels, but they are all brilliant !

  6. Brilliant work by all! Looks like you had great fun with all the techniques for the book covers, nice to see all the different themes they chose.

  7. Oh my goodness Sarah! This stuff is gorgeous! I so wish I lived close, so I could come to one of your workshops. You are so full of talent! Happy Valentine's Sweetie! Hugs, Paulette xoxo

  8. Looks like a wonderful workshop!

  9. Wow! Looks like everyone had a fun time. The colours on the metalwork are amazing. Have a great week. Gez.

  10. Sounds like a great workshop, Sarah. There were certainly some beautiful pieces created.
    I love your heart and colouring it with the flame is inspired.


  11. That's a terrible photo of me (I need a haircut)! I LOVED the workshop though ... definately one of the best I've ever been to and I'm now well and truly hooked on the metalworking. I'm still laughing about the Plumber too! Thank you so much - you're a star!

    Lynn x

  12. Postively Beautiful! Wish I could take your class1

  13. WOW, very, very gorgeous!!!I can only admire your works!Realy, it is fantastic! I'm missing similar workshops in my country, Slovenia.

  14. These look amazing, what a grea technique and so effective


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