Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Another journal page

This isn't what I was supposed to be doing today! I have a list of ATCs and birthday cards to make but need to tidy my craft area first so I can get to the things I need. To do that, I have to go down to the cellar and with a broken foot once I'm down there I don't want to be coming up anytime soon. So with the imminent arrival of visitors I stayed put for a bit, then it thundered(and I didn't fancy being down there where I couldn't see the lightning!!) and before I knew it I had a lovely journal page made :)

This is what initially prompted me to do it:

It's my work journal page from Chris' workshop at Paddy's last Thursday. I was happily cutting out those houses to go on the page when I suddenly thought what a great journal page that would make in my visual journal. I love cutting and sticking :)

Great to see my followers are back :) With extra ones :) :) :)

Can put it off no longer ... am off to tidy up!


  1. I love your writing in the squares, Sarah, it's gorgeous! I don't know if I'll see you at Paddy's later in the summer, but if so I hope you bring that journal, it looks great!
    Best wishes!

  2. This is so lovely Sarah - having seen the journal in the flesh so to speak, albeit not finished, I think its the most artistic and creative one I've ever seen. Do show it to Rachel, she will love it!
    And thanks for being my 2nd follower, that means a lot. I have looked at some of the blogs on your list and there are some fab ones there!
    Chris x

  3. that page is truly STUNNING !!!!


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