Sunday 21 September 2014

exquisite porcelain

A few weeks ago a lovely picture popped up on my pinterest feed.  It turned out that it was the work of the very talented Emma Louise Wilson and when I googled her I discovered she not only ran workshops, but that there was one coming up, only an hour's drive away! [which, considering it was an american pinterest board I was following just shows how small the world is!!]

Thrown Forms

So off my daughter and I went yesterday to play with porcelain clay.  

We learnt how to attach small pieces of Emma's work with wire (which we got to keep :)  ) to make hanging 'threds' before getting stuck in practising her techniques on porcelain clay.

one of the boxes of Emma's goodies we got
to rummage through to make our own 'threds' with

'threds' detail

some of the pieces the class produced

I was in heaven playing with lace, rubber stamps and exotic tools such as pens and needles to add texture ;)

 After lunch we used porcelain paperclay, which I loved using even more, before finally adding oxides and glazes to add some colour to our finished pieces.  Can't wait to see them after they've been fired!!

Emma's work is absolutely exquisite, and available online and in galleries and shops and I can highly recommend her workshops, we're already booked on the next one!!

Friday 19 September 2014

a little flower

Really enjoyed making this little postcard :)  After using a stencil with spray inks I added colour with ink on a sponge and some background stamping.

The flowers were stamped in grey and added to the postcard (I just love that black and white contrast with colour!) before finishing it off with a suitable quote.

Stampotique stamps used:

Sunday 7 September 2014

deli paper and the gelli plate

I finally got hold of some deli paper to try with my gelli plate - only taken me a year!!  I discovered this when I googled 'deli paper gelli  plate' and found Kate's post, which is where I must have seen it originally!

So I spent yesterday afternoon playing, and what made it more wonderful was that I did it with two good friends :)  I started off with colours and stencils I'm happiest with...

... then branched out, adding an earth colour as per Sami Harding's advice at Art Summer Camp this year...

... and ended up adding colours I don't normally immediately choose as that was what my friend used and it looked amazing!  That's one of the brilliant things about playing with your paints etc alongside others, whether at home with a friend or in a class.

I particularly wanted to try deli paper this week because I discovered Bible Journaling a week or so back and, keen to give it a try, I purchased a journaling Bible (it has extra wide margins for note taking ...or paint, depending on your preferences ;)  )

I thought the deli paper would work well on the fine paper that Bible's are made up of.  In the end, I also dived in and added paint straight to my pages, working alongside my gelli plate, using it just like I would any other journal!

I added some texture to a random page whilst cleaning off my stencil ...

...and added some gelli printed deli paper alongside one of my favourite Psalms

 And that was my very happy Saturday after an exhausting first week back at school :)

Friday 5 September 2014

each life needs it's own quiet place

...and mine is definitely amongst my paints, papers and rubber stamps!

This tag started off with a sponge ink base that I didn't like so I tore it off, and decided I quite liked the effect.  I'm going to add it as a page in one of my small A6 journals.  It nearly looked like this

... but in the end, decided to include Gucio.  Sometimes it's so hard to know!

Stampotique stamps used:


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