Friday 17 December 2010

decorate a tag with The Stampman Challenge#12

I'm still in Christmas mode at my making table, I don't give up on snowflakes that easily, and I'm a bit of a last minuter so still have cards and gifts to make before the big day :)  Of Tim's tags my favourite was day 9; I just loved that colour combo so decided to use something similar for mine.

[apologies for the shadows, the sun was out when I took these!]

I stamped this gorgeous Big Snowflake from Hero Arts [on offer now over at The Stampman!] with white acrylic paint, then used Starburst Stains and my Mica Paint palette to add a shimmery, watercolour background.

Moonglow embossing powder around the edge of the tag adds some more dimension.  I used the same powder to stamp and emboss the snowflake on some dark brown card followed by lots of fussy cutting!  That's only one snowflake on there so not too much cutting out.

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I just wanted to say THaNK You to my new followers - there's something so nice about crossing the 200 boundary of followers - I truly, truly appreciate it!

On a different note entirely - anyone had side effects from a Ventolin inhaler?  I've had the flu this week (swine or not we neither know or care, it was just nasty!) and I've been left with an annoying cough.  The doctor gave me an inhaler yesterday which worked wonders, but then I couldn't get to sleep and have been jittery ever since.  Aaaaagh, I just need to be well to get on with stuff!!!

Sorry, thanks for listening ;)

EDIT:  It's snowing :) :) :)


  1. Love your tag. Sorry you've been I'll - did you exceed the "dose" on your inhaler - think that could make you a bit jittery. Hope you feel much better soon.

  2. BEAUTIFUL tag Sarah!! Hope you feel better soon! Those are common effects from a Ventolin puffer...especially if you are not used to them. Try one puff instead of might be all you need.

  3. Sorry to hear you've been poorly, Sarah.I hope you get things sorted soon and are feeling 100% ready for Christmas.
    What a stunning tag. Snowflakes are for Winter not just Christmas so no apologies needed, not when they are
    as gorgeous as this. You must have a lot of patience to cut them out. I love the sunshine on your photo too.
    Have a good weekend.
    Hugs Lisax

  4. Fabulous tag Sarah, really love the colour combination and that snowflake is stunning, love the ribbon too. Hope you feel better soon and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Tracy Evans x x

  5. Hi Sarah

    Stunning tag, love those colours too!

    Hope you are feeling better soon! The Salbutamol contained in inhalers can cause some jittering which is fairly common, also headaches and tachycardia (fast heart beat). Make sure you don't go over the recommended does ;-)

    Sarah x

  6. Stunning tag! LOVE all that embossing and I agree with you...Fabulous color combo! :) Hope you're feeling better!!

  7. LoVe the new look of your blog...what a great surprise!
    If anyone might know the effects of the inhaler, it would be Andrea...she is a pharmacist, so shoot her an email. I have a feeling though, you are like me. Anything that has an antihistamine property in it, I won't take. Makes me jittery and bounce off the walls : (
    Your project looks great...congrats on your followers! xx

  8. Nice tag!
    Bet the presents you make are amazing and I bet to myself that some of them are paintings!
    sue xxx

  9. P.S.
    So sorry you have been unwell. Ventolin, I know nothing about, but sleepless nights are my speciality.
    Try spraying the Ventolin on the tag!!!!

    I jest, but I hope you feel better soon. There are so many people who are poorly at the moment at least you will be over it for Christmas.

    Sue xx

  10. Cool tag and I like the new look blog! Hope you feel better soon :)


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