Wednesday 22 December 2010

WOYWW and a Merry Christmas everyone!

Ok, how did this happen?  It was so tidy and organised last Wednesday!

My excuse?  Squeezing time into the day to make tags, when I've already been squeezing in tiling the bathroom, reorganising the boys' rooms (including moving wardrobes!) and Christmas present shopping.  Hence, tidying got squeezed out!  Got to do it now though, need my desk to make some pressies!  If you need reassurance that most of us are all in a similar fog of 'so much to do before Christmas', head over to see the lovely Julia at The Stamping Ground and check out everyone else's desk this Wednesday :)

On another note:
[sorry, just noticed the pun there but I'm leaving it in :)]

I'd love to have been there!  Love this piece of music.  And how fun to be involved in one of these flash mobs!!  Great idea, they certainly make people smile :)


  1. I don't know why, but I don't feel any pressure, maybe I am the biggest ostrich....that ever lived!!!
    Most of our family see us in the new year, so there is still time.

    Have fun at Christmas, hope you get all your decorating jobs done. Sue xxxx 15

  2. Oh good, i'm glad i'm not the only who's desk seemed to have messed itself up lol
    I love watching the flash mob vids, there all so much fun
    Happy WOYWW & A very Happy Christmas too and yours x
    hugs Minxy #4

  3. I think I will be celbrating Christmas in 2011 with the state I am in. Too much to do and too little time - and we are not even entertaining (going to sons).
    Happy Crimbo

  4. Love the video! Happy Christmas and a fab, crafty New Year

  5. Thanks for making me smile today.
    Wishing you and yours a very happy Christmas and hope 2011 brings you all you wish yourselves.
    A x

  6. Nice to see tidy people can have desks like this TOO! LOL

    Love that video.

    I'm #50 this week. Please stop by and take a look when you get a chance :)

    Merry Christmas!!

  7. I've not been in 'The House of JRanae' (that's the new name for my studio since watching the big House of Elliott marathons) in over a week and it looks a bit like yours!
    But it's's what ALL creative spaces look like at the holidays, including those who tidied up before snapping the photo!!! xx

  8. I love your desk. The flash mob was at a mall not far from my place here in Ontario. #58

  9. Lol, it happens, probably the boys have been in the room of stash and messed it up! Hope you get everything done in time and have a wonderful Christmas.

    Brenda 45

  10. You sound as busy as the rest of us if not more so Sarah. Tiling the bathromm and moving bedrooms about!!! We always seem to feel the need to do these jobs for Christmas don't we and I don't really know why!!!
    I love your tag idea from the last post. I've just bought a card string with little pegs on and intend to string it up in my Craft Room to put all my tags on. They are just collecting dust in a box at the minute and it seems a shame not to have them out.
    I hope you and your family have a very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful and Healthy 2011.
    Hugs Lisax

  11. Hi Sarah

    Looks like you have been having fun getting creative, leave the tidying up, you can work around it lol!

    Love the flash mob, how do you think it would go down in the Trafford Centre? Shall we start one?? On second thoughts, I can't sing (well not anything in tune anyway) so we may have to just put it on a suggestion card there next time I visit!

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful time over the festive period!
    Sarah x

  12. Thank you. That made my heart smile! I love your blog, and wish you a very Merry Christmas!

  13. How very busy you've been - no need to worry about the room of stash, it will sort itself out when you're good and ready!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.
    Vicki #21

  14. Lovely busy desk! And now next time hubby asks me what I'm doing when I'm staring into space I can say I'm moodling!

  15. Chill out... you'll get there! love the Hallelujah Chorus. Really uplifting. Check out the chincarols too ( put it in google) it's a larf!
    Happy Christmas,
    JoZarty x

  16. You are a busy busy girl. Hopefully you will get to sit back and relax on the weekend. thanks for the flashchoir video Fabulous.
    Sandra #81

  17. Lovin the busy messy Thanks for the peek and sharing.

    Happy Holidays and creative crafting in the New Year.

    Hugs, Marjo #5

  18. I'm glad you didn't straighten out your desk before you let us see it - makes it all the more interesting. You sound as though your having a hectic time just now so I'd like to wish you a happy and stress free holiday and an enjoyable Christmas day. Elizabeth #51

  19. Messy Girl!!
    Love the flash mob video - check this one out if you love the Hallelujah chorus...
    Hope you are well and have a wonderful Christmas
    Love Chris
    PS check out the 12 Gays of Christmas on Youtube as well

  20. Wow ! Something sure exploded on your desk! LOL. Love the Minion by the way...he must be a great inspiration!
    Happy WOYWW and Merry Christmas!
    Susan xxox #9

  21. Fab post as usual Sarah, I LOVED the video!!! Forget the messy desk for now, you and we know that's just normal year round life stuff for you... like you tiling at the wrong time of year...

    Have a totally fabulous Christmas Sarah!

    Lots of love

    Jill and Ian xx

  22. thanks for sharing that wonderful video. yes, i would have loved to be there as well! wishing you a blessed and joyful Christmas!

  23. Loved the video. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


  24. What a desk lots going on remember to take a breath and enjoy Christmas - Have a merry one ~ Nicky 52

  25. Hi Sarah, not sure if you are the Sarah who is interested in details of my fabric buckets but I've posted details on my blog.
    hope you had a great Christmas,
    Love JoZarty x


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