Friday 30 September 2011

a couple of tags and a card

My youngest niece was nine yesterday and as an arty type I thought she'd appreciate an 'arty' card (she did!).  I also made a couple of tags whilst I was taking a break from the housework ;)  One was an alternative to a compliments slip, the other in response to Carol's request for tags over at The Cubby Hole.

Wednesday 28 September 2011

What's on your workdesk Wednesday 121

These yummy slices of cake were waiting for me at work today, how kind of the clandestine cake people!  Not much has been happening on my desk at home, but I did do some exciting work at the Bean and Brush today.  When Graham, one of the bosses, saw my heart tile he asked if I could make something similar using the butterfly from the bean and brush logo across a number of tiles.  

I cheated, kind of, and traced the logo from one of the windows then transferred it to the tiles.

I then painted the tiles black, and added 'crumbles' of dried paint in the butterfly outline.  It took a couple of hours or so to finish this, and I can't believe I then forgot to take a photo!  The tiles are now all waiting to go in the kiln, fingers crossed they come out as nicely as the heart did!

Take a peek at more desks over at The Stamping Ground with the wonderful Julia Dunnit :)

Tuesday 27 September 2011

clandestine cakes

Wow!  A secret society for eating cakes met at the Bean and Brush this evening!  Everyone had just arrived as I was leaving work and the cakes looked AmAzIng :)

My phone has decided not to email pictures to my laptop so they've had to go via my husband's mobile to get onto my blog, a right palaver but somehow fitting with the whole secret nature of the event lol.

As far as I can tell, everyone brings a cake, admires everyone else's then they all tuck in - how fab does that sound?  I'm looking forward to finding out more on .

Saturday 17 September 2011

Operation Julie's Smile

It's a big thing to accept help in a time of need, and I'm so proud of Julie for saying 'yes' when Nicole Rixon, her colleague over at the Sweet Stamp Shop, decided she'd like to raise money for our friend to have the dental surgery she so desperately needs.  Although dental bills are rising here in the UK, they are nothing like those people face in the US, and part of me wishes that Julie had grown up here and had the resources available that I've enjoyed all my life.  Julie shares her story over on her blog, Julie's Open Window     

"Many of you may have heard that I recently
had to have emergency oral surgery which resulted
in the removal of my front teeth.
As a child, I struggled with brittle teeth due to
some health concerns and my parents did all
they could to ensure that I went into adult-hood
with the best teeth possible.  Unfortunately with age,
the brittle teeth became a problem again and well,
long story short, the dentist recommended that
I bite the bullet and have them all replaced.

I made the appointment, had the consultation
and was handed a piece of paper that said to
bring $4,000 with me to have the rest of the teeth 
taken out.  I was in shock because the dentist made
reference to the idea that 'it could all be worked out' ; )

Well, here I am today, missing front teeth (and a few others)
and being frustrated because I believed that this was
a procedure that would be taken care of quickly.
The unfortunate thing, is that THAT amount was JUST for the
removal of the rest of my does not account
for the 'permanent teeth' that would need to be put in place."

I was so thrilled for Julie when Nicole contacted me about this fundraiser.  There will be a benefit blog hop called 'Operation Julie's Smile' taking place 7th-9th October with a variety of individuals, companies and design team members participating in order to help raise these funds.  To date, about £300 worth of prizes have been made available, and with such a great collection of blogs it should be a great weekend.  Which reminds me, I'd better get off the laptop and go and get my prize made, it's got to get to the US so Nicole can co-ordinate the prizes on the blog hop.  

If you are interested
in getting involved in this creative fundraising event, 
please contact Nicole Rixon at   
The deadline to be
a part of the hop is Wednesday, Sept 28th.  
Participants will be notified of the blog hop order 
between Oct 3rd-5th.
This blog hop is an opportunity to have fun, 
feature your blog and raise money for a friend in need.  
A donation button
will be made available to all who participate.
Operation Julie's Smile

that was quick!

My prize, which I only heard about yesterday, arrived in the post today :)  Thanks again Lucy, it's such a pretty print.  

Anyone live in or near London?  I'm definitely including this shop on my next visit down there!  It was featured on the Uppercase blog and looks right up my street I have to say!

Enjoy your Saturday! 

Friday 16 September 2011

oh Happy Day!!!

Well, days really!  It all started yesterday :)  After doing my first day in two years back in school teaching (Yay, I truly never thought I'd go back to the classroom!), I bobbed in to the Bean and Brush and my tile was out of the kiln...Wow!!!  I'm so pleased with it I can't tell you :)   It's all thanks to the lovely Kelly Hennessey's 365 Tile-a-day challenge, and her huge generosity in sharing her before and after pics on facebook.  I was quite shocked, and pleased, that my before picture looked like hers...

...but I really wasn't prepared for it working out so wonderfully after firing.  Thanks Kelly, we all LoVe this tile :)  And it's proper 'upcycling' - all those chunks are leftover paint from customers, saved and dried.

Back to my school story, and yesterday saw me doing some supply cover in a local school.  After suffering with depression/anxiety a couple of years back now I always said I couldn't see myself going back into teaching.  What a fabulous day I had though!  A true miracle :)

Thursday afternoons are 'options' afternoons in this school, where pupils are grouped according to their choice of activity rather than age.  I had 28 pupils aged between 7 and 11 years and we spent a very relaxed afternoon zen-doodling leaf shapes.  I think they're now addicted!

This morning I heard from Lucy who blogs as Little Lost Soul telling me I'd won the above print.  I AdOrE ampersands and have just started a collection of cut out ones which I'm planning on decopatching and displaying above my desk.  This print couldn't have been more perfect for me :)  So huge thanks Lucy :)

Wishing you a very happy day too!!!!  They are THE best :)

Saturday 10 September 2011

Paper Arts on a Mug

I got a parcel yesterday - always exciting!  This one was especially wonderful as it's the mug I ordered from Katie Almond and I just LoVe it :)  

I'd seen her work in the craft shop at The Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester a couple of months back, and decided it would make a great 20th wedding anniversary present.  Unfortunately, when Malc and I went to choose a piece they were all sold out!  Apparently they just fly off the shelves.

Katie very kindly emailed me some pictures however, and I chose this mug which arrived yesterday!  I love the combination of music, teacups and teapots and handpainted hearts.

It is now safely on display in my craft room (studio sounds just too posh lol!), along with my collection of jugs and other nice ceramics!

Wednesday 7 September 2011

TOFF #10 Stripes and WOYWW #118

Where did that week go?!!!  I can't believe it's Wednesday again already.  I've had a rubbish day, fighting off some stomach bug and generally feeling rotten, although I did watch 'The Adjustment Bureau' starring Matt Damon :) and got a journal page and a tiny canvas made - so maybe not such a bad day lol

The canvas is for a friend of mine who is moving out to live in Hong Kong for a year.  It's tiny so she should fit it in her suitcase!

I had to tidy my desk when I couldn't find my blank inkpad...

...ta dah!  It didn't take long either, as most things now have a home to go to.  More images for desk junkies available from others very like me over at The Stamping Ground!  The journal page I've been working on was for the 'Stripes' challenge over at The Octopode Factory.  I added stripes to the snail a couple of nights ago so just needed to create a background and add some journalling. [This is my A6 passport size journal]

I found it quite hard to come up with something for this little snail as she is so sad!  I wanted to do something more personal than making up a little story about her, but couldn't bring myself to write a list of 'things that made me sad' as I don't dwell on sadness!!!  This quote jumped out at me yesterday and as she has her snail shell strapped on I decided she was really a worm pretending to be a snail ;) 

Tuesday 6 September 2011


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