Thursday 22 March 2012

my new baby!!!

I've never, ever had a new car, but now I do!!!  And I LoVe it :)  It's beautifully designed both outside...

... and inside!

... with funky graphics...

... and gorgeous fabric inside.

Can you tell I love it :)

Sunday 18 March 2012

Happy Mothers' Day!

Where did that month go?  Teaching full time in a busy special needs classroom certainly speeds up time.  And washing your mobile (no, I don't recommend it!) doesn't help when you rely on it as a camera for your blog!  

After getting a couple of Mothers Day cards made this morning I borrowed my daughter's phone and took a few snaps.  A couple of weeks ago I took my sketchbook out with me to a local National Trust garden and used one of the sketches to create this drawing using my sewing machine.  [sorry it's such a faint image in my sketchbook!]

The Easter holidays are looming and I'm going to be tackling my  craftroom  studio as I have to climb over piles of 'stuff' to get to my table at the minute.  And when I get there there's no space!  It's still mid-tidy and not conducive to work/play.  In desperation I did get a few pages sprayed up in a new journal I picked up in Paperchase!


Think I'll add some painted layers next!  I did love playing with stencils and splashing paint around on this page...


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