Thursday 12 January 2012

seed journal day 3 - s words

A bit of a doodle page, thinking about what being a seed meant after Milliande's prompt here.

Am thinking about adding some colour, maybe around the outside of the acorn, maybe just the leaves, ....

Had a couple of things to post out this week so decorated a couple of envelopes as notecards to send with them...

I just love my scraps of bits n pieces :)  And these days I can't do without my sewing machine - it would definitely be a chosen item if I was sent to a desert island!

Tuesday 10 January 2012

Once upon a time there lived

...two little pigs!

We're doing the story of the three little pigs at school so decided to make some sock pigs for the story over the weekend.    There are a couple of sock pig designs out there but I just devised my own sock monkey style one as they need arms and legs to be able to build their houses, and run away from the wolf of course!

I added little curly tails made from fleece, and buttons for noses, eyes and a tummy button each!

The best bit about the socks I bought from Poundland (from a teacher's point of view anyway) is that they were animal socks and had a pig head on each sock :)  I'll be putting them in my counting box :)

And why only two pigs?  Because Quality Save had a whole pig soft toy for 99p and these two make great pig twin brothers for him :)

Saturday 7 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Each January Milliande starts a new series of art journaling prompts, but it wasn't until the email popped into my inbox that I remembered!  Last year the theme started with 'z for zebra'.

This year's theme is 'Seed Journals: growing a seed versus being a seed .....  a curious journey begins'.

This is such a perfect project, and has come at just the right time for me.  My journal pages have always been 'time to play', but I had begun to feel that I needed a bit more of something.  This theme is really making me think through the medium of my art journal...

I'm also really enjoying the organic nature of this January's prompts - they may be daily, they may be weekly, perfect for someone who was finding she ended up playing catch up all the time when prompts were every day!  Feel this is a project for you?  Join the gang over at


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