Thursday 12 January 2012

seed journal day 3 - s words

A bit of a doodle page, thinking about what being a seed meant after Milliande's prompt here.

Am thinking about adding some colour, maybe around the outside of the acorn, maybe just the leaves, ....

Had a couple of things to post out this week so decorated a couple of envelopes as notecards to send with them...

I just love my scraps of bits n pieces :)  And these days I can't do without my sewing machine - it would definitely be a chosen item if I was sent to a desert island!


  1. Your acorn is great, and i love the words you picked to go inside it!
    i never get round to decorating envelopes but they look fab too.

  2. look at those envies...........miss you x

  3. Great seed doodling:) and cool "YOU" :)

  4. Those envies are totally gorgeous! Love them!

  5. Love the black and white - but colour will look great took:)

  6. Very clever acorn sketch Sarah. I do love your envelopes too but you surely wouldn't have Man Friday on a treadmill for your generator would you, he wouldn't have time to peel your grapes!!LOL Hugs, Chrisx


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