Friday 17 May 2013

the 'umble ifferous

It fascinates me how there are some images that lots of people love (and some that lots of people love and others hate!), one of which is definitely umbelifferous plants!

For some reason though I can never remember the word 'umbelifferous', and frequently ask Sue 'what's that word for those flowers?'!!!  So I decided a journal page was in order; the blog title is courtesy of Sue after a conversation at Port Sunlight :)

This is started off as another page I didn't feel was very 'me' in my journal.  It got very bright so after a brief panic I stippled white paint through Tim's  Alpha Parts - numeric and am now really pleased with it.  I printed 'umbelifferous' on the computer and over typed it on a typewriter - which was weird after typing on computer keyboards for so many years!


  1. Lovely pages, love the umbelliferous flowers and the touches of white Sarah. Tracy x

  2. beautiful flowers, I can never remember their name either. The page looks fabulous.

  3. Ohhh you are ever so 'umble :) Love the white paint stencilling!

  4. ooh love it Sarah, adding the white alpha is ingenious. apparently it means something like to bear sunshade - I could happily include this word in my everyday language, its wonderful! lol

  5. Beautiful colours and detail Sarah. I love that stamp and your white brings it all together brilliantly. Umbelliferous is a lovely word to play with on your tongue and I'm hoping your gorgeous pages will help me remember it too LOL Gay x

  6. I wouldn't know what they are but as a flower I love them. I think your page is fabulous especially the addition of the white, genius, stencilling
    Amanda x

  7. Umbellgorgeous! Love the way you toned down the page with the stencil! Chrisx

  8. Such lovely pages, Sarah. I had to look up "umbelliferous"! I've never heard that word before, but I love Queen Anne's Lace flowers. They're one of my favories! xoxo


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