Monday 30 May 2011

happily dumfing :)

I just LoVe that word!  It's what Twiglet and Wipso call needle embellishing as it is the noise the machine makes.  

I have spent such a happy evening with my sewing machine and embellisher side by side, working on pieces for my exhibition.

I've since added a few seed beads and the piece is framed and waiting to be displayed :)

Saturday 28 May 2011

eeek...a radio broadcast and an art exhibition launch

I'm nervously looking forward to being on local radio later!  Chorlton FM is broadcasting daily from the 16th-29th May across South Manchester and online.  They include coverage of the 2011 Chorlton Arts Festival, for which I did a workshop last Sunday.  I'm being interviewed at about 6pm, which I'm sure will involve lots of giggling on my part ;)

I'm also busy prepping for my first solo art exhibition at The Cubby Hole, Crewe in June.  

I've been really enjoying 'moodling' with some paint and canvases!

With the odd bit of paper and glue thrown in ;)

Still lots of pieces to get finished ...  I'm always on the last minute with these things - just the way I work best I guess!

Thursday 26 May 2011

PDCC83 a sweet farewell EDITED

...although a rather sad one!  I've not been able to play along in the Play Date Cafe for a few weeks now, since starting my new job, so the time has come to step down and say goodbye.  

I LoVe this image that Julie chose for my last week.  We've been in this together right from the start so it's not an easy goodbye to say but it's been a ball, and I'm hoping I can call in every now and again and play along!

I was going to do a journal page but when I saw these tiny birdhouses in Dunelm Mill I decided I just had to have one (well, five to be honest!).    As it's colour splash week I chose to use black and white on the birdhouse and use the bird as the splash of colour.

I used my favourite punches to decorate the birdhouse...

...and the tiny bird is made from felt :)

I am honoured to have been part of such a fabulously talented team over at The Play Date Cafe and know that the friendships we've built will continue for a long time to come.

EDIT: Now the girls surprised me with both a blog hop (which ends here so welcome blog hoppers!!!) and their choice of their favourite piece from my time at the PDCC.   What a wonderful, wonderful design team.  You made me cry, but thanks everyone!!  There's no way I could choose a favourite PDCC project, there are so many I LoVe.  The PDCC has challenged me to stretch my creativity in many different directions, and it is one of the many things I love about this challenge - I could make whatever I felt like, even cakes!!!  But Colour Splashes are my very favourite :)

Wednesday 25 May 2011

blog hopping

Papercraft 2 - Book Teaser Video from Gestalten on Vimeo.

I've enjoyed a long, leisurely breakfast with my laptop this morning and came across tonnes of gorgeousness in blogland.  I found the above link on 'Paper Forest' and there's tonnes more 'papery' inspiration on the blog, including mention of an exhibition in Vermont entitled 'Paperwork in 3d' which looks AmAzIng!

                                           Beatrice Coron

'Poppytalk' is another wonderful blog I stumbled upon.  It contains so much eye candy you may be there a while!  She shares some of Matte Stephens' images, which I fifties!

                                           Matte Stephens

And at some point in my wanderings I found the Soma Gallery's website in Bristol, UK (hurray!) which is stuffed full of wonderful images but my favourite is Graham Carter's seahorse:

                                            Art of Wooing by Graham Carter

Tuesday 24 May 2011

i just LoVe lace!!!

The lace plate came out of the kiln :)  This effect looks fabulous in black and white but I gave it a go with a deep turquoise and just LoVe, LoVe, LoVe it!!!

We're offering this technique in a workshop on 20th July 2011.  I can't wait to have a teacup and saucer with matching plate in this style - hmmm, would also make for fabulous gifts ;)  Got a few birthdays coming up in the summer :)

Saturday 21 May 2011

Chorlton Arts Festival 2011

I took my 'Big Paint' to Chorlton today.  This week it's Chorlton Arts Festival and there's been tonnes going on already.  I passed this fabric covered tree on my way home, and am looking forward to visiting a variety of exhibitions later in the week.

The 'Big Paint' started with a blank-ish canvas of watercolour paper, and ended with pieces like this:

These will be made into little paper folded books and displayed in the Chorlton Arts Festival Hub.

It's not easy to see much difference via photographs but I'm really pleased with how my journalled 'plate' came out of the kiln.

I stamped with both conventional and unconventional items, and painted through lace.  

And I just thought I'd leave you with this image which greeted me from the children's corner as I came down the stairs of the art studio when leaving work yesterday:

Wednesday 18 May 2011

journaling on a plate

 Well, a stand for hot things in your kitchen to be precise but you get the idea!  I spent the last couple of days on a workshop provided by the suppliers of our ceramic paints for The Bean & Brush, and I got time to PLaY :)

I've been wanting to try some of the art journaling techniques I use on paper on ceramic pieces instead, and yesterday was my opportunity.   Especially as I learnt how to do this using lace (not a great photo I'm afraid):

This was another technique that was on my list to learn!  So after decorating this plate I had a go at journaling.  This went in the kiln last night so I should be able to share the final look of the piece in the next couple of days.

Things are mad busy around here still - I'm teaching my first workshop for The Bean & Brush tonight.  It's full but if anyone is interested in doing it, please let us know as I'm more than happy to run it again.

Meanwhile, I'm also prepping for my exhibition at The Cubby Hole, Crewe which starts on 4th June.  If you're interested in attending the preview night the evening before though, please drop me an email and I'll get an invite out to you :)

Thursday 5 May 2011

let's remember with a plate!

Over the last week or so I've been doing lots of painting.  The first piece was a commemorative plate for a street party held last Friday.

There's space around the edge for attendees to sign it with a special pen.  I gave the piece a bit of a 'Rob Ryan' cut away letter style.

At the Bean and Brush we all spent the weekend painting commemorative mugs for the celebratory opening party on Monday afternoon. 

We had a great production line going.

The first pieces are now out of the kiln and looking fab (pics soon!).  I also painted a commemorative plate for the opening of the cafe, which all the staff have now signed.

I have to say, I am liking all this painting!  Next on the list is a couple more examples of commemorative wedding plates, which can be signed by guests, or left unsigned.

This one uses the couples' fingerprints as the base for the lovebirds.  William and didn't have time to bob in on their way home to Anglesey so Graham and Michelle volunteered their fingerprints ;)

Wednesday 4 May 2011

the bean and brush family art cafe...

... is now OpEn!!!

The Mayor of Trafford came yesterday to officially open the art and craft studio upstairs. I got the job of doing a clay print of his hand, and as you can see, we had a great laugh!

Paul did a grand job with the photographic recording of our opening party and yesterday's Mayoral visit - take a look here if you'd like to play 'Spot Sarah'!!! In fact, the only person from my immediate family who doesn't feature in this gallery is my Dad - don't know how he escaped as there are shots of my sister and family (all five), my brother and family (all three), my Mum, and my husband and 3 children.  

Now to enjoy a much needed day off :)  Although I might just have to bob into work for a yummy coffee and cake later ;)


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