Saturday, 21 May 2011

Chorlton Arts Festival 2011

I took my 'Big Paint' to Chorlton today.  This week it's Chorlton Arts Festival and there's been tonnes going on already.  I passed this fabric covered tree on my way home, and am looking forward to visiting a variety of exhibitions later in the week.

The 'Big Paint' started with a blank-ish canvas of watercolour paper, and ended with pieces like this:

These will be made into little paper folded books and displayed in the Chorlton Arts Festival Hub.

It's not easy to see much difference via photographs but I'm really pleased with how my journalled 'plate' came out of the kiln.

I stamped with both conventional and unconventional items, and painted through lace.  

And I just thought I'd leave you with this image which greeted me from the children's corner as I came down the stairs of the art studio when leaving work yesterday:


  1. I *love* the reading monkeys! Really made me smile :-D

  2. The arts festival looks very interesting, love the tree. Great idea to use your artwork for books, they will look fab. You are keeping busy, love the plate, especially the lace background. See you soon. Tracy x

  3. Hi Sarah
    Your journalled plate is amazing. I can see how you would be pleased with it!
    You seem to be having a ball!!
    Sue xxx

  4. Sorry I missed the fun! Must go and find that tree! Glad the plate turned out so well!
    Love, Chrisx


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