Saturday 24 November 2012


Just tried posting and apparently my Picasa web album is full.  I'm guessing I now have to pay monthly to keep my blog going as I need extra storage - not something I'd like to do.  Any tips?

Saturday 10 November 2012

a different kind of painting

October half term has been and gone and as usual my list of jobs was far too long for the time available!  Unfortunately, decorating the lounge took far longer than I'd anticipated so I didn't have time for any journaling etc or catching up with arty friends.

It was worth it though. You can't see them on the photo but the coving is really deep and took an hour to paint for each side of the room!  I had to have the paint mixed for the woodwork so it would match the new windows - the guy in the shop told me the quantity I'd bought would do four rooms, it did this one!!!

 I love how the wallpaper is reflected in the mirror.  I decorated the chimney breast by laying the paper horizontally so the grey lines ran horizontally, echoing those in the Sanderson 'Dandelion Clocks'

And of course decorating gives a great excuse to buy new cushions!!

My next creative task is to turn an IKEA circus tent into a 'mud hunt' for my classroom - we're learning about Tanzania in Africa!!!


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