Saturday 31 August 2013

New Wine North 3:16 Art Exhibition

Sorry for the delay in this post.  When we got back from our hols we discovered the boiler had broken, and a few days later, that it couldn't be fixed and we needed a new one.  I have done an enormous amount of clearing out in the house whilst arranging for all the radiators to be easily accessible.  All done now, although the clearing out still needs to continue!!

 So here, as promised, are some photos from the exhibition of work from New Wine North 2013.  We displayed the work in the areas we'd been teaching in.

My white paper 'tablecloth' had gained some fabulous areas of inkiness over the course of the week so I embellished them a little before displaying all the little books on black card.

 The tags added to the little book above gave such a lovely feel to the whole thing.

As I was putting the above book out on display I noticed the creator of it had made a tiny version using the same fold and added it to a page - such a fab idea!

 The above pictures were displayed within the general art area.  People could come in each afternoon and use materials to create.  There were some fabulous pieces.  The orange piece above is created with a single line.  Below I've shared photos of most of the other areas

willow lanterns


copper foiled stained glass



lino and screen printing

This was my very favourite piece though, drawn by a little girl.  I'd frame this but it wasn't for sale... reminds me of Quentin Blake's illustrations!

Sunday 18 August 2013

What a privilege ...

 ... to teach so many people new to art journaling at New Wine NE 2013.  I taught almost 100 people (some people came back again, and some again again! so I'm not sure of the exact number) over the week and it was one of the most fabulous things I've ever done.  Only one or two had even heard of art journaling.

The 3:16 arts venue was in a large marquee last year but this year we had a whole cattle shed!   It was huge! People had the opportunity to take classes in so many different art activities including watercolour, lino cutting, screen printing, fret cutting, stained glass (copper foiling), sculpture, proddy rug flowers, weave a prayer, stitch a prayer, canvas art, felting, mosaic, willow lanterns, creating from driftwood and sea glass ..... and more...

... including art journaling with me!  This collection of tables, more or less in the middle of the room, was my space for the week.

My maximum of 11 people per class soon stretched to the 13 we could fit around the tables.

And that pristine white paper was soon beautifully coloured with oversprayed ink, paint and stamped images.

One of the things I LoVe about teaching workshops is seeing the colour combinations other people put together.

It was also great to see people just enjoying the freedom to play with paint and ink and rubber stamps.  One young lad said it was the first piece of art he'd done that he actually liked!  Others loved the freedom from rules, although some found this really scary at first!

At the end of the week we held an exhibition of work, which I'll share in my next post :)

Monday 12 August 2013

a couple of journal pages

I am always absolutely exhausted at the start of the school summer holidays and it usually takes me a couple of weeks to wind down and start feeling relaxed.  This year I got stuck straight in to some journaling and journaled for a good couple of days.  It was bliss!

Wednesday 7 August 2013

the starry influence of Teesha Moore

I really, really, really struggled with this journal page.  I used a paint and ink that didn't like each other and the paint just would not dry.  It has soooooooo many layers.

I love this journal page!  I'm really pleased I persevered:)

It's a double page spread in an A4 landscape journal.  I used a new Sizzix stars die and a Stampotique star stamp from Craft Stamper  by Jo Capper-Sandon.  I've been looking at Teesha Moore's blog this week and been influenced by her writing.  I love the idea of writing in the gaps between the collage images.  I've often looked at her work in the past but as I don't use magazine/photo collage in my work hadn't really taken anything from it.

Sunday 4 August 2013

gelli play and a spot of stamp carving

I finally cracked open my gelli plate!  I'd ummed and ahhed about buying one, then decided I would whilst at Happy Stampers in May - it's been in the packet up until this week! 

I love how quick and easy it is to use (once you finally have a brayer to hand!)... and the different texture the paint produces on the paper.  I pasted some of the paper in my little A5 moleskine journal then set to carving a poppy seed stamp.

I'm not sure what I used, something in my stamp carving stash, but I didn't like it!  I much prefer carving an eraser.

Thursday 1 August 2013

Bunting galore, and a goodbye

I've been madly sewing this morning.  I'm off to teach art journaling at a Christian conference tomorrow followed directly by a family holiday so I was keen to get some bunting made for my tent (at the conference, to be transferred to the VW campervan whilst away after that).  I have tonnes of other things I should have been doing ;)

It was hard to get a decent photo of the bunting itself.  There are fourteen flags in total.  I bought the bunting from Paperchase then 'embellished' it!

The birds are from some fabric I bought on holiday a couple of years ago.  I have a matching tablecloth for the camper.

Yesterday saw a busy day of bunting making too.  I've been busy journaling, initially to de-stress after finishing work.  I'll share some pictures on another day.  I saw some blank paper bunting in Hobbycraft and decided it would be nice to do some journaling on the flags and hang them up during my workshops next week.  Over the week I have six classes, with a max of 11 people each class.  Attendees sign up the day before so I don't yet know how busy I'll be...looking forward to it though!

On a different note, a sad one really, we said goodbye to the play date cafe challenge today.  It was a quiet one, which is why I wanted to make sure I played this week.  It's a challenge I was honoured to be a part of right from the start, and one I continued to go to when my mojo needed a bit of help getting going.  Thanks for all your hard work running the cafe Julie and team!


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