Saturday 31 August 2013

New Wine North 3:16 Art Exhibition

Sorry for the delay in this post.  When we got back from our hols we discovered the boiler had broken, and a few days later, that it couldn't be fixed and we needed a new one.  I have done an enormous amount of clearing out in the house whilst arranging for all the radiators to be easily accessible.  All done now, although the clearing out still needs to continue!!

 So here, as promised, are some photos from the exhibition of work from New Wine North 2013.  We displayed the work in the areas we'd been teaching in.

My white paper 'tablecloth' had gained some fabulous areas of inkiness over the course of the week so I embellished them a little before displaying all the little books on black card.

 The tags added to the little book above gave such a lovely feel to the whole thing.

As I was putting the above book out on display I noticed the creator of it had made a tiny version using the same fold and added it to a page - such a fab idea!

 The above pictures were displayed within the general art area.  People could come in each afternoon and use materials to create.  There were some fabulous pieces.  The orange piece above is created with a single line.  Below I've shared photos of most of the other areas

willow lanterns


copper foiled stained glass



lino and screen printing

This was my very favourite piece though, drawn by a little girl.  I'd frame this but it wasn't for sale... reminds me of Quentin Blake's illustrations!


  1. Sorry to hear about your boiler - I live in dread of mine packing up (it's getting to the end of it's life or so they tell me each year when i have it serviced!)
    These photos are fabulous - so glad you were able to share them at last!!

  2. Wow, the photos look fabulous! Amazing creations :-)
    Boo to the boiler :-(

  3. Looks like a lot of creative fun was had! Glad you took photos! Love your 'tablecloth'! Hugs, Chrisx

  4. What a feast for the eyes! Such pretty things were created...and such lovely colors all over (including that table cloth!). Looks like a great time was had by all, Sarah.

    I'm so sorry about your boiler. We had a small puff back once before we replaced ours. That wasn't fun! xoxo

  5. What a fabulous thing to be involved with - and looks like so many wonderful things were created.

    I have every sympathy with your boiler problems, we are experiencing some as well - no hot water unless we boil a kettle and the boiler man has just told me he needs to order a part and it could be about a week!


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