Sunday 12 July 2009

catching up

Gosh a whole week without any blogging! I've been busy on my next corset, 'Field of Dreams', and loved every minute of working on it. This one is nearing the end of the round robin so involved some 'pulling together' and filling in of gaps. Apart from buying a bird necklace from Primark to take apart, and borrowing a friends gemagic to add shiny bits, I really didn't know what to do with this one. But it all came together once I painted up the sky near the cloud, then put fabric over the straps that hang out of the sides. I got very carried away adding flowers and texture and gems and only stopped cos there are two more people to work on this and I had to leave space for them!

I have absolutely no idea why blogger has turned this photo upside down. It's the second time I've tried to post it so I'm afraid its stopping. This is the whole corset laid out.

I spent today tidying and sorting. This is my dining room table, not even the workroom one! Everything was in such a heap I couldn't find anything so I piled it up into boxes, took it down to my workroom in the cellar and started putting away. My daughter was very impressed, my husband just declared there was a lot of 'stuff' and the fact that other people had more than me didn't mean I didn't have a lot!!!! Still loads of putting away to do but there was enough room for me to make an envelope...

My fabulous US friend Julie sent me a package of goodies a while back (there's another on the way, I can't wait :) ) and in it was a paper shoe. I drew round it and used all the bits on my desk to decorate this envelope. In fact, if you head over to her blog here you can be in with a chance to win some paper shoes like this! Well, actually they're posh compared to mine ;)


  1. Oh so fab! You're so creative and just so you know, the folks around here who have seen what you do on these little envelopes are 'stunned' that their envelopes! One visitor to my blog thought your fairy was on a T-shirt!
    xxxxxx julie

  2. Ah bless! I'm going to put this one in my journal I think, and put shoe photos in there. I have a pair this high, which are gun metal silver. I love, love, love them :)

  3. Lovely work again Sarah, fabulous shoe envelope too. Are all the corsets going to be exhibited somewhere at the end of the project?

  4. Now I know what you meant by an untidy table !!

  5. Yes Rachel, the corsets are being exhibited as part of Becca's Quilt Emporium's exhibition down in Dorset the weekend of 12th Sept '09. Becca displays the quilts outside, all around the village! Paddy's looking into somewhere for an exhibition up here though for us northeners ;)
    And Sid, I told you ;)

  6. Hi Sarah! Thanks for visiting me at Cupcake's Creations & leaving kind words! I love how you used Julie's stiletto! Very creative! Hugs, Mona


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