Wednesday 15 July 2009

Diary 2010 project

This is something I signed up for a while ago but I was still on the last minute whilst doing it. It's free to contribute a page to the diary which then advertises your blog/etsy etc (although I'm not selling anything so no etsy for me at the moment!). I just thought it would be fun. I've been doodling these little owls for a while now, and curly branches/trees and I've carved one little owl as a rubber stamp. Let me know what you think, but be gentle with me, I'm nervous!!


  1. I love your little owl. Sooo cute.
    Cal x

  2. Are you kidding me?! That owl is outstanding! You need to start your own line...I might be able to assist : )))
    Great job! xx

  3. I think the little owl is gorgeous - I particularly like his (or her) topknot. However, I am completely off owls at present as they have kept me awake every dry night for the last couple of weeks! Normally I love them, but there's only so much 2am hoooooooting a girl can take! Lovely that they are there though.
    See you soon...
    Chris x

  4. I'm not really a cutesy person, but I think this owl design falls somewhere between cute and whimsical. I really think it's lovely and you should have a go at doing some more in that style Sarah !

  5. Oh Chris, you did make me laugh :)
    Thanks for the encouragement everyone, I'll have to get doodling again :)

  6. Hi Sarah - that looks great, I love your stylized branches and grey and white palette too.

  7. Looks fab, looks like you had a hoot drawing this.......sorry for the awful owl pun!
    Must get my page done!!


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