Artist Statement

Sarah Anderson: Artist Statement

Described as ‘haphazard’ by her friends, Sarah relishes her interests in so many aspects of art, design and craft, finding that they enrich her work and keep it varied.  In contrast she always maintains a high level of attention to detail which produces exquisite projects.  She particularly enjoys using snippets or fragments of materials in her pieces, adding texture in a variety of ways.  Her artwork has been published in ‘Somerset Studio’ and her journals in ‘Stampers Sampler’, both US mixed media publications.  She has exhibited her work in both the Bean & Brush Family Art Café, Sale and the Cubby Hole, Crewe. Sarah has taught workshops across the UK but her full time teaching commitments now limit these opportunities.

Sarah would love to live in a treehouse in a large deciduous wood.  The treehouse in Alnwick Gardens in the northeast would be perfect.  Her favourite museum is ‘Seven Stories’, although the V & A comes a very close second.  She has a secret addiction to children’s picture books, carefully disguised by her career as a teacher.  Sarah hopes that fairies live amongst the ferns in her garden, and believes in Father Christmas.  She can usually be located by listening out for joyful laughter.


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