Wednesday 22 May 2013

Stencils (and masks) Galore

Had a little play in my journal with one of my purchases from Happy Stampers Port Sunlight - a beautiful flower mask.  I drew around it with a fine point pen, adding thicker lines for interest.

Actually there are quite a few new purchases on this page - the paint, the flower stencil (and mask), the text stamp and the star stamp :)  

The stars on the left are an offcut from a Crafty Individuals stamp by Alice Palace.  I LoVe her images (and haven't used my puffin stamp yet) and recently emailed and asked if she could do a penguin (I LoVe, LoVe, LoVe penguins) - and she's asked the CI team .... so it really might happen :) :) :)

Saturday 18 May 2013

lavinia stamps challenge #3 pastel colours

Sometimes a background journal page can sit there for a while before it gets finished.  This one has been there a few years now, but I liked it the way it was so it just sat there.

Then along came this month's challenge over at Lavinia Stamps and so my fairy page was born.

The tag at the bottom came about because the fairy's face didn't come out when I stamped it directly onto the page!  But I like it :)  The next page is as yet undecided.  I might just need to get the large 'Believe' stamp and some more tiny fairies in flight ;)

Friday 17 May 2013

the 'umble ifferous

It fascinates me how there are some images that lots of people love (and some that lots of people love and others hate!), one of which is definitely umbelifferous plants!

For some reason though I can never remember the word 'umbelifferous', and frequently ask Sue 'what's that word for those flowers?'!!!  So I decided a journal page was in order; the blog title is courtesy of Sue after a conversation at Port Sunlight :)

This is started off as another page I didn't feel was very 'me' in my journal.  It got very bright so after a brief panic I stippled white paint through Tim's  Alpha Parts - numeric and am now really pleased with it.  I printed 'umbelifferous' on the computer and over typed it on a typewriter - which was weird after typing on computer keyboards for so many years!

Monday 13 May 2013

revisiting my little orange art journal

  I love this journal.  It's got lots of pages in that I love and feel are very 'me'.

It also has had some pages that I really didn't like so I'm starting to re-work them.

I gessoed over the page on the left.  It had had circular images glued on and these peeled off fairly easy after gessoing which left a nice effect.  I removed the original matching page - it had a number of images attached that were far too small and didn't come off easily.

It was great to play with my new paints and stencils after the weekend's trip to Port Sunlight!

I added stamped, stencilled and rub on letters to link in the pen advert which was original to the page but it was still bugging me.

Happily the 'Chloe Stem' by Memory Box gave the pages a better focal point.  I have a couple more pages to re-work, and one to finish, but I'm much happier with the overall look of this journal now and, who knows, I might even get a whole book finished!

I have found it interesting, looking back through this journal, at how many pages have quotes on them!

Sunday 12 May 2013

a happy trip to Port Sunlight

Didn't we have a lovely time, the day we went to Port Sunlight 'Happy Stampers Northwest'?!!  It was great to catch up with so many friends, and, of course, buy some new supplies ;)

 Tracey Dutton encouraged me to use my Lavinia Stamps in my journal so this morning I got out my new Paperartsy paints and set to!

I worked in my small, square, pink pig journal, that I've not used for aaaaaaaaages.  It had a number of pages inside that I didn't like so I started off by gessoing over them last night, before adding patches of colour this morning, spraying through a floral stencil

then adding some stamping.

I did have to stamp the fairy onto paper and cut her out as my ink pad wasn't very inky!  (I did find a better one after that!)

 These pages are a much better fit for my journal!

On a very different note - this is my beautiful two day old niece Erin who we met for the first time today!


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