Saturday 10 September 2016

Making Marks

My goodness, I knew it had been a while since I'd blogged, but April?!!!  My internet presence is much better over on Instagram which is, well, pretty instant when it comes to sharing photos!

I have been using a LoT of PaperArtsy images lately and their latest challenge really caught my eye (I've been challenging myself to making my own marks rather than always using stamped images, as well as allowing myself to use stamped images to make marks as that's what I love and part of who I am!!), followed by Roxanne's (or 'By Bun' as I know her as I follow her on Instagram and love her work) wonderful step by step post today.  I don't have vintage photos in my stash but instead decided to apply her principles to a stamped image to see where it took me!

 I started by adding some fresco paints to my paper with my fingers.  I watched a fantastic video by Roben-Marie Smith this morning which also influenced this piece, starting with finger painting!

I added some splashes of watercolour ..

..followed by some sprinkles of PaperArtsy infusions.  I love how the colours merge and fleck.

I selected an area I really liked and wanted within the flower petals .... and missed!!  It's that splashy bit to the left of the numerals 487!!

I painted around the flower image with Snowflake fresco paint (I didn't have the same colours as Roxanne) which picked up some of the blue from the Infusions.  At the time I really wasn't keen on this but seeing it again now I'm not sure why!  I carried on though, telling myself it was a learning experience!

I added some yellow fresco paint, stencilled with some distress crayons, and stamped with Snowflake paint...

... and then got so involved I forgot to take any more step by step photos!!  There's lots more splashing of watercolour paint, some mark making with fresco paint and distress markers, some stamping and finally lots of collaged stamped images.  I had a great time rediscovering PaperArtsy stamps I've had for a long time!

I'm linking this to PaperArtsy's 17th blog challenge, 'Making Marks'


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