Thursday, 23 July 2009

where does time go?

Actually, I know exactly where it went, although I still can't believe it's a whole week since my last post! I taught a journalling class at Paddy's last Saturday and Tuesday. Both classes went fabulously but I was exhausted afterwards and couldn't do much the next day. I've also moved classrooms at school (teachers still work in the holidays!!!) and been working hard on the last of the corsets as one has quite a few people left to work on it before Sept.

This is one of Anne Jagger's pages which we all loved. People were great at trying out new colour combinations and I love her use of purple and red together. Anne was happily splashing paint around whilst Paddy was out of the room. When Paddy came back, she was very pleased with the pinkish splashes that had been added to her pages :) Check out more of Anne's pages here.

The aim of the class was to get one page finished and have backgrounds started on a few more so they could be continued at home. Another was to use our favourite stamp images in our journal pages as so often we use the images for cards for friends and never see them ourselves. I shared Pam Carriker's tip of using charcoal to highlight images (thanks Pam) and everyone loved it!

Jess' theme for her journal was finishing school and the school hols -

Chris, Neet and Sue have all put their photos and comments (thanks guys) on their blogs so head over and admire and let them know what you think of their pages! On Saturday, Chris brought some of her favourite stamps with her which we all fell in love with and have had to put in a bulk order for!! Aren't these just so fab :) They're available from the Stamp Bug.

So as you can see, we were very, very busy :)


  1. I had less holidays when I was teaching than when I worked in commerce so I know what you mean Sarah. The journalling class looks great fun.
    Cal x

  2. Glad to see you had a productive weekend. There's a lot of prep that goes into teaching workshops, so you deserve a break!
    Nice photos...good to see everyone enjoying themselves. Let's catch up, dearie......

  3. Lovely stuff Sarah, would love to have a go when you next do a class....some fab work done on that day !!

  4. It was a great day Sarah, we all had a good time, and it seems to have created a real buzz - people inspired to carry on journalling, I have finished one I started in April as well as carrying on with this one, and started a little one with shimmery paints like I said I would, as I love shimmery paints!
    Regarding "those" stamps we'll have to try to get Paddy to stock them, if they are made available to retailers.
    Anyway make sure you get plenty of rest in between preparing for the new term and (I hope) preparing journal workshop part two!
    Take care and see you soon
    Chris x

  5. Thank you Sarah for a fabulous class - I really enjoyed it. Have put some finished pages on my blog and think I am addicted to this!
    Thank you again - loved it, loved it, loved it! x


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