Monday, 12 August 2013

a couple of journal pages

I am always absolutely exhausted at the start of the school summer holidays and it usually takes me a couple of weeks to wind down and start feeling relaxed.  This year I got stuck straight in to some journaling and journaled for a good couple of days.  It was bliss!


  1. So beautiful ... I love how it turned out. Great colors. Suzanne

  2. I love your colours, lovely pages!

  3. Hi Sarah - been perusing down all you yummy projects over you last few posts ! Great things you have been working on ! Those birds on the bunting are such good fun - and I adore your star journal page - makes me want to rush off and have a go myself ! Thanks for showing us ! Ali x

  4. Just beautiful, Sarah! I LOVE those colors and how you did that plant in your top page. I know exactly which one it is with it's soft fly away seeds. Your interpretation of it is gorgeous...and I love that quote too! xo :D


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