Friday 12 April 2013

21 secrets goes pearshaped

 My good friend Chris, from Pearshaped Crafting, came over this morning to do a bit of journaling.  After a bit of umming and ahhing I'd signed up to the '21 Secrets' series of art journaling workshops and we decided to do one this morning.  To choose which one, Chris picked a random number out of her head - 10 - and we counted along to find the tenth workshop which was Kate Crane's!

Funnily enough we've taken a class with Kate together before!

Chris' page started with reds and greens.  I decided to go for browns and greens, but discovered that Mushroom Adirondack spray is nearer a grey when sprayed over gesso!

I didn't have any acrylic ink to hand so used a couple of pipettes to add inky circles with ink taken from my Adirondack spray bottles.

Chris used her Neocolour water soluble crayons to add her circles.  Much more subtle!

I had been saying that I was resisting the current journal trend of painting faces (actually, I don't have to resist hard as faces aren't really 'my thing') but looking at my 'blobs' they seemed to be crying out for facial features.  Sue's funny bird doodles came to mind, as did Dr Seuss and Carla Sonheim's imaginary creatures!!!

I intended to make a couple of the 'blobs' into flowers, but forgot - or maybe they just didn't want to be flowers!!

The blob at the base of the 'elephant' looked so like a little snail without a shell I just had to doodle him in, despite it looking a bit odd, but then, the whole page is odd!

I just added eyes to each blob and went from there!

"Be who you are"
Dr Seuss

EDIT:  Chris has blogged her page so head on over to her blog HERE to see how differently the pages turned out!


  1. looks like you had Great Fun Sarah!

  2. Oh Sarah:) this just made me's amazing how such character can be put into just blobs:)

  3. I couldn't draw faces either,but I could do this.... probably! They look great.

  4. Looks like you had a lot of fun which produced a lovely creative page xx

  5. They have turned into such cuties - and it just had to be done!! Thank you so much for such a fun morning, although with all the gabbing we did I'm surprised we ended up with anything!! Waiting till daylight to photo mine - yep it's finished! (and we did the shopping and played scrabble!) Hugs, Chrisx

  6. Haha! Sarah, this is great! I love the way you added the faces :-)

  7. I love this page - such fun and you've created real characters :)

  8. Love this. So whimsical and beautiful.


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