Tuesday 21 December 2010

a great excuse for more tags!

Back in June I had a wonderful time at the  Manchester School of Art degree show.    One of the displays from the foundation art degree area featured a collection of tags at the top of the board and it's something I've been wanting to do since.  I love the layers of different sized tags.

My initial idea was to hang them on a metal mannequin but I don't own one, and the idea never got off the ground.  But up in my new craft room the other day I realised I could hang tags around the room on nails, just like in the photograph!  Tags here I come :)

I love how quickly a tag comes together, especially if you use bits n pieces you've made and not used for other projects.  Now a tag a day I could manage!!!  Minxy's been doing some gorgeous tags daily, take a look here.  And of course the current StampMan challenge is all about tags too, and Jennie's on a roll with them over at The Artistic Stamper.

These silver foil embossed stars were going on pegs, to make fridge magnets, but I have more ideas than time so...


  1. It's nice when you get to take time to make something for yourself, this is another super duper tag, and i just love the display idea, can't wait to see how all yours will look when there all hung, i wanna see pictures x
    ps.thanks for your lovely comments xx

  2. What a great way to display your tags - they will look great. I love this latest one!

  3. The tags will look amazing hung up like that. Love this one as well. Annette x

  4. gorgeous tags Sarah. what a wonderful innovative way to display them

  5. Fab way of displaying those tags. Love your with the star on!

    Sarah x

  6. What a great way to display your tags. The latest one is lovely

  7. Can't wait to see the tags all hanging on pegs when you are done...what a great collection to begin! xx

  8. Awesome tag!! LOVE your idea of hanging them around the room!!!!

  9. Fabby dabby tag! thank you fo rjoining in the challenge, and Happy Christmas to you and your family
    HUus x


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