Thursday 2 December 2010

PDCC58 Christmas is coming

I love the Play Date Cafe challenges, because they vary between really challenging, ie unusual colours to work with so take a bit of thinking about, to less challenging where the challenge may be with more familiar colours so you can add your own personal challenge to it eg trying something new, or just getting something done in an already busy week.  This week Julie has chosen us some lovely Christmassy colours to work with:

Although you are right Paul, it is really only one colour plus a neutral ;)

For me, getting something done was the challenge recently, as I've been busy recovering from accidents and incidents, preparing and helping at Christmas fairs,  and travelling between Manchester and Birmingham to train teachers in teaching maths using a structured apparatus called Numicon.  

For me, free machining a pattern on a felt heart wasn't a creative challenge as such, but I think trying to use just red and white on a journal page would have been.  I'd love to know what makes a challenge a challenge for you - let me know ;)  

We have a smaller design team this week whilst we wait for our new members to be chosen, but their work is great so head on over to take a look and be inspired

And don't forget to head on over to the Play Date Cafe to see what's happening there this week :)  Take care if you're struggling in the snow, it's hit the UK hard this week.  But look who I found in the Manchester Christmas markets this afternoon...

Now he MuST be the real Father Christmas!  I think he's hiding so he can get a bit of a rest in before the big night!!


  1. Always love the sweet things you come up with for our challenge! Love this heart! xx

  2. Love love your creations!! Hugs did u get my msges re my colors fr my blog?? Never heard fr you?? Hugs to you.. love the colors this week!

  3. Sweet little heart, your stitching. Did you watch Kirstie on Tuesday? It must be so much easier to free stitch with the proper foot. I have to go where the machine takes me. Your free stitching is just right.
    Sue xx

  4. Lovely heart Sarah and I really like the stitching, very effective. Tracy Evans x x

  5. LOVE your red heart Sarah, so pretty!! Your sewing projects are always so lovely. The Christmas markets look wonderful, shame we don't live nearer to you x

  6. OHHH! LOVE that little heart ornament! I love that button and tulle! SUPER CUTE! LOVE your thinking on this challenge;) I ALSO love that pic of the Santa!! SUPER beautiful pic--you really take artistic pics;)

    Hope you are feeling better and enjoying your weekend! LOTS of love!!!

  7. Lovely Sarah! Wonderful free hand stitching, I don't think I could do that! I like my machine to do all the work :) I hope that this will be an ornament on your tree, it's so heartwarming (no pun intended) and cozy!


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