Sunday 28 November 2010

a parliament of owls

John Lewis' Christmas department is full of owls :)

It took lots of willpower not to put any in my shopping basket!

These were wobbly, metal owls about ten inches tall.  Walking around the corner I discovered a collection of owls for the Christmas tree...

...the knitted variety (of which a couple did make it into my basket I have to say!!!)...

...and some jolly metal ones, which I have my eye on!!!

There were more cushions in the soft furnishing department.  Some for Christmas...

...but some for every day.  This one I just LoVe :) -

And I don't think I'm the only one!  He was sitting there all alone!

And these are my latest owls :)  I made them for the advent fair at church, and as birthday gifts for my many friends and family with birthdays at this time of year!!!

I'm really pleased with them, and have more felt and fabric to get some more made to sell before Christmas.


  1. This year's must have decoration then! Love your version, they are so cute.

  2. You can tell I haven't been out shopping - didn't realise owls were so big this year. The danglies you made are adorable.

  3. HOw CuTe!!!! LOve your parliament of owls.

  4. fabulous owls Sarah - you are clever!

  5. Love your dangles Sarah, especially Edward and Olly. What wonderful gift idea. Like the look of John Lewis' Christmas decorations too. Tracy Evans x x

  6. Loving all those little owls in John Lewis' they are so cute but not a patch on yours! Awww that little one sitting all alone would have made it into my shopping basket lol!

    Sarah x

  7. Everyone should have one of your owl dangles.. they are beautiful and imaginative.
    Owls are everywhere. I am just knitting a scarf and you have given me an idea.

    Have a lovely day
    Sue xx

  8. I LOOOOOOOOOVE these owls--esp. the one that was sitting by himself! LOL! I love love love your keychains! I'm so jealous I can't go to the fair! I would buy you out! LOVE it:)

  9. You were clearly ahead of the game with your owl danglers! Too cute - think about selling some on etry?

  10. Thank you for the comments on my blog :0)
    Your owls are so adorable!

  11. These are such wonderful owls!! Just love them. I study with the Open University and have always had owls in the marketing - little ones for your computer, soft toys, etc. I do like the ones you made!!

  12. Your owl pics are fab, but can I buy one of yours from you? My friend is MAD about owls and would LoVe one of those for Christmas! x


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