Monday, 8 November 2010

I'm so excited :)

I teach lots of classes, and enjoy it tremendously, but it really is a great treat when I get to go on one for me.

I've been looking forward to this one at The Cubby Hole for ages.  I did 'O' and 'A' level art but in those days it was very much about drawing and painting.  I'm very envious of my own children being able to do mixed media, and now I get the chance to do it to!  I'm looking forward to working through an idea from sketches and photographs through to a final  piece.

Talking of workshops, I was only at The Cubby Hole on Saturday doing my embossed metal book workshop.  Of all the classes to have blokes on (three!), this had to be the one didn't it!  The one that involves using the humungous ball tool etc, honestly, the conversation around the table was not for the shy amongst us. I always have a fantastic time with the crewe from The Cubby Hole so I know there'll be more laughter tonight.

[note: apologies for lack of pics, nicked this one from Sue, hope she doesn't mind!!]


  1. I've not been on a workshop for what seems like ages so I know you will enjoy this one. Have a fab time Sarah. Sorry I did not make your class on Saturday, my daughter Laura had to go for an operation on her thumb that she broke on Friday. Take care. Tracy Evans x

  2. My brain is poorly at the moment I don't seem to understand anything anybody says. Are you going on a workshop for you or is this it?

    The metal work is truly beautiful and colourful. I have not done metal work yet despite having had a soldering iron for a year.
    I want to work in mild steel or something like copper, only small scale. Here is dreaming for you!!
    I hope to see you for bookmaking soon.
    Your workshops look amazing fun as well as creative!!
    Sue xx

  3. No I don't mind :)
    Have a great cre-8 night
    Sue x

  4. OHHHHHH! Sarah--I am so excited for you--your classes are sooooooooo amazing! Love that you are out there teaching and doing what you LOVE! God is GOOD:) Super cute metal work! LOVE the colors!!


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