Tuesday, 9 November 2010

just FaR too exciting!

I'd already spent yesterday very excited about taking a class as an attendee, and had only just sat down when Tracey arrived with a present for me - my very own minions :)  Woohoo!  How lucky am I?!!  If you don't have a clue what I am talking about, check them out here:

They really are the stars of the show 'Despicable Me'.  So a huge, huge thankyou to Tracey, I LoVe my new friends ;) er, decorations!!

The evening continued brilliantly.  We started off making a variety of marks with big fat graphite sticks, 

...before adding layers of paint and coloured pencil...

I really didn't want to finish for the evening, it was very relaxing.  We were even given homework, sorry, we think it's called 'extended study'.  These classes will be monthly, starting from January.  Before then we need to compile a picture board full of inspiration on the theme 'landscape'.  I'm working on a city theme, based on the mills of Manchester and have enjoyed researching artists that create cityscapes...

...and have been out taking photos of some of the mills...

Working through a theme from images, drawings and photos etc right through to a finished mixed media piece has been something I've been wanting to do for ages so it was great to finally get started :)


  1. I love the minions, we were only talking about them the other day when we saw them on the tv, they are sooooo cute. Your course sounds fabulous, be great to see your finished piece. Tracy Evans x

  2. Hey, your minions are great, and your day sounds fantastic.

  3. Those minions are right up your street! How fun! The course also looks tailor-made for you! Can't wait to see a finished piece xx

  4. I love mixed media and the sneak peeks of your piece are just fabulous!

  5. This sounds a brilliant class to attend. I love your picture board that is such a great idea, will definitely consider doing something like that for myself as it will help me stay focused and not so distracted. Annette x

  6. hahaha minions.
    your art homework is exactly the type of homework I need right now. wanna trade? you can have my thesis (I know, I know, I'm so generous)

  7. What a wonderful journey you are on. It will be like a shot-in-the- arm to do something like this for yourself. As you give so much when you teach, it is so lovely to be taught occasionally.
    I am a country girl at heart but I also love and appreciate industrial architecture. Cityscapes have so much content and can be inspiring beyond belief.
    Lucky you !!
    Sue xx

  8. My Daughter had better not see this post, she would want to know why I don't have friends like that! Minions rule.
    Enjoy your new space.

  9. Hi there Sarah, I just have to tell you I've been following you for a while and have been really inspired by your work!
    I'm so pleased that you've achieved such success with your minions, what a thrill to see them on the big screen!
    I too went over to A Day for Daisies and agree they are wonderful images, what a talent.
    Thank you so much for sharing:0) xx

  10. I love this kind of art technique, using many things, building up layers and creating cityscapes. Very relaxing indeed.

    Looks great. Thanks for sharing.



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