Saturday 18 September 2010

Elements cont.

Well the secret's out, and the full glory of what is being worked on on our Elements weekend is revealed!

Each tutor worked on a different theme and colourway for their sample piece, and the results were gorgeous . I focused on flowers and text, and Helen took a teenage girl theme for her daughter (both above).  Becca, Paddy's niece who runs a quilt shop in Dorset, worked with the house images from Tanda stamps. 

Neet created a gorgeous time themed piece using images by Paper Artsy, and Kay's box features Paper Artsy's Hot Picks.

Classes started on the dot of 9am with Paddy instructing everyone on how to colour their wooden boxes.  It was so lovely to see some very different colour combinations coming through.

We then broke up into smaller groups and during this time, I taught my perspex element...

[This is Lou's piece.  It's just drying here which is why the text is in reverse!  I love her shading from green to yellow, which is echoed on her box]

... Neet her clay pieces...

[These are so fab to make, and appeal to my love of collage and 'shinies' :)]

... and Becca the fabric element.  I love the fabric pieces on my box :)

More classes meant people created a tree from wire with Paddy, and created a box of hidden treasure (creating a box within a box) with Helen.  Tomorrow brings the metal element with Paddy, and Kay's wooden element.


  1. I almost don't want to look at these pictures Sarah, I so wanted to be there at the workshop and am seriously madly gutted not to have scraped together enough pennies but it was sooo close to a mega expensive Eid :(

    All of the different colours and elements so so amazing together and very tactile.

    Have fun tomorrow and think of me sulking at my desk!

    Sarah x

  2. What gorgeous projects, they all look wonderful and love the stamping on perspex. Annette x

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  4. What a fun day you must have had and to have another to come! Really loved seeing everyone's very inspiring : ) xx

  5. How fantastic are these boxes. I love them and look forward to seeing more pics later!

  6. Just amazing, thanks for sharing those, can't wait to see part two.

  7. wish I were closer..just love this!

  8. so this is what the secret has been for all these weeks. Good to see it at last. I look forward to the next installment. Hope it was all you wanted and went well.xx

  9. I was SO lucky to be there - it was fantastic; the best ever. Not long been home and still buzzing! There wasn't one 'Element' I didn't thoroughly enjoy. Can't wait for Elements II now ... Thanks Sarah and the rest of the team, it was wonderful. S x

  10. Am "cream crackered" now after two full days. Hope you got home ok with the football crowds and look forward to finding out what the new addition to your family is called.
    Thanks for your lovely smiling face, at times when I was tired yesterday you pulled me back with your lovely sunny disposition.
    Love you.

  11. What a fantastic weekend! Thank you smiley Sarah (and everyone else involved). I loved playing with the perspex and think you did an awesome job!

    Lynn W


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