Saturday 12 January 2013

a spot of knitting and felting

To get myself back into creative mode over the Christmas holidays I did a spot of knitting, helped along by a lovely selection of wool in John Lewis' sale!  I'm not one for knitting clothes, I like small projects that don't take too much stitching up, so I got out one of my favourite knitting pattern books -

There's just something about knitting - the feel of the wool, the texture of the 'knit', the regularity of the action of knitting.  An occupational therapist once told me that all these things are good for your mental health so knitting is good for you!

I intend to crochet some pebbles (the pattern is in the same book) in matching wool so I can use my little knitted pots in my classroom as a colour sorting activity and a counting activity :)

These 'almost owls' are also heading for my classroom.  I knitted up a rectangular shape, invented some wingtype shapes then put them in the washing machine to create felted owls.  They're just waiting for stuffing and features to be added now before they, hopefully, star in some reading books for the children.  I'm going to put them around the house and garden, photograph them and write them into a story - at least, that's the idea.  I teach in a special needs school and reading books that don't rely on the current trend of 'sounding out' words are hard to come by.

I finally finished my summer project from a couple of years ago!  This was a very straightforward pattern to knit and I couldn't work out why I'd not finished it, until I discovered it was because I'd run out of wool!  After another happy trip to John Lewis I knitted up the pocket, crocheted the seams together (in retrospect it would have been better to stitch them but crocheting's easier!) and stuck it in the washing machine with the owls for the felting process.  This isn't a project heading for school lol!  It's mine :)


  1. Oh Sarah! So pleased to see your comment - had been thinking about you! We really need to go for a coffee sometime!!! Will ring! Your little knits look lovely and is that the bag you were knitting in the car on the way to Crewe? I looks fantastic! Hugs Chrisx

  2. A lovely set of projects. What a great idea your little owls are, I'm sure your children will love them.

  3. ooh lovely Sarah, right up my street (as usual!) the bag looks gorgeous.

  4. Such beautiful work, my friend.....miss ya loads x


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