Sunday, 6 October 2013

a waddle of penguins

Well, you learn a new thing everyday!  I googled the collective term for a group of penguins and discovered that there is no generally accepted term, but that
"At the 4th International Penguin Conference in Chile in September 2000, it was agreed by penguin researchers that they would try to refer to a group of penguins on the land as a "waddle" of penguins and a group in the water as a "raft" of penguins. We hope that these collective nouns will become widely accepted in the near future."

Don't you just love that there was even a penguin conference?!!!  I love penguins.  I would love to see them in their natural habitat one day, and have decided New Zealand is the place to go - they have little blue ones!! (also sometimes known as fairy penguins).  Until that time I make do with visits to the zoo and things like my favourite mugs

Crafty Individuals had made some of 'Alice Palace's' drawings into stamps and after seeing her puffin I wrote and asked if she'd done any penguins.  She had, and promptly contacted CI to suggest penguins stamps...

... and now I have a set  :)  I was going to give them coloured tummies, as in the design on my Anna Wright mug above, but the journal page I made was too busy so I'll save that idea for another day.

Instead I added them to a page in my little paperback journal, including stars (by Stampotique) and some home made bunting, all in true Alice Palace style!


  1. Cute penguins!! Love your journal page.

    I love that there is a different collective noun for them in and out of the water too!! But a waddle sounds perfect.... have a great Sunday.

  2. I love penguins too so think your pages are fab. I love the fact they are now known as a waddle lol
    Amanda x

  3. Ha! Love this :-) And love the Alice Palace stamp designs too!

  4. Hi Sarah! Penguins are so cute there needs to be an adorable way to refer to a bunch of them. I think "waddle" is perfect! :) Your penguin pages are precious!! :D xo

  5. I've seen them in their natural habitat. Hundreds of them, as far as the eye could see. One of the plus points of four months in the Falklands :)
    Love the page, but I always thought they were referred to as "a colony"

  6. Oh my son is mad about penguins.

  7. I love penguins too and I love your journal page it is so cute.I might have to buy that stamp.


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