Sunday 26 October 2014

tagging some celtic dreams

Still playing with my new dies from Lavinia Stamps and Imagination Crafts.  This tag took a bit of playing around with though,

and in the end,

I had to take photos

and look back at them later

to decide which design I liked best.  In the end I used the coloured toadstools on the front of my sketchbook (see yesterday's post) when it accidentally fell there and I thought 'ooo I like that!'.  

As the tag felt a little dark I added some stars with silver embossing powder, sprinkled it elsewhere on the tag (and heated from underneath), and edged the tag with it too.

Loving these dies :) 


  1. love the tag in all it's stages, actually!! glad I'm not the only one who keeps faffing!!

  2. Just fabulous! Those dies look really interesting! Love your final 'cut' Chrisx

  3. It's great when you get something you love, and you can tell more great makes with these, I popped over to their website they are all lovely
    Amanda x


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