Wednesday 23 August 2017

Customising Stickers for Bible Art Journaling

Customising stickers like these from Creative Bea are quick and easy to do.  They are now made in grey which I think would look amazing with pinks and blues, or yellow ochre and white - so many choices!

The stickers start life with a beautifully simple word.

I covered this with a scrap of envelope (as that's what I had lying around!!), dipped my paintbrush in some Paper Artsy Fresco Acrylic Paint and tapped it against my left hand.

These paints dry with a lovely chalky finish.

I used my stickers in the margin of my journaling bible :)

Don't you just love stickers?!


  1. I nearly fell off my stool that I sit on at the computer; Sarah's blogged... lol! I love the stickers.

  2. Lol, sorry! I nearly fell of my chair when I realised my last post was in February! I will be rectifying that. What I need is a button on Instagram that sends my pics over here as a blog post!!


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