Wednesday 24 March 2010

birthday happiness

Just at the top of this photo you should be able to spy some bunting!  That was my creative output this weekend just gone. 

My sister had asked me to make some to brighten up her nursery, and I particulary wanted it done for yesterday as we had a birthday lunch there for me!

[I have a balloon behind my head as my sister said we needed some behind me to add to the party atmosphere of the photo!!!  Hmm]

 Jacqui, my sister, had baked me a rhubarb cake which I have to say was truly delicious!  And look at all the arty presents I got :)  I really do have lots of wonderful friends :) :) :)

 [I chose the papier mache vases and felted heart myself, they're off my fabulous husband, 
but the rest of the gifts are from people who know me very well :)]

How cute is this little mouse sitting on a toadstool?!!  My Mum found it at a teddy bear fair she was exhibiting at.  The toadstool is made from an old reel of thread.

I had a really brilliant birthday, full of happiness and good wishes, to which I am truly, truly grateful as I love birthdays and last year's was just miserable.

ps sneak peeks on their way for my back to back art journalling  classes at the Stamp Attic on 10/11th April; and looking forward to my first art journalling class at the Cubby Hole this Saturday :)


  1. Happy Birthday Sarah! Glad it was a good one x

  2. You deserve to be princess for more than just your go on!

    Love you xx

    p.s. do I spy a possible PDCC photo or 2

  3. Happy Birthday, for yesterday, Sarah x

  4. Sorry we didn't know in advance - Happy Birthday for yesterday, glad it was a good one. Lovely presents too - and what a great looking table!

  5. Oh Happiest of Birthdays, Sarah! Your party looks fab and the pressies are wonderful! Many happy returns! xxD

  6. It looks like you had a lot of fun Sarah. Love your arty gifts, they're fab! :o)

  7. Looks like you had a wonderful time, Sarah, and I love that bunting!

    My birthday was yesterday - all the cool people must have their birthdays around now... (!)


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