Wednesday 17 March 2010

finally caught up...Dina Wakely workshops

Sue and I had a real treat earlier this month.....we went up to Art from the Heart in Harrogate where Dina Wakely was teaching two days of workshops.

I've been keeping my eye on Dina's blog for a while as I love her use of 'white space' on the page, as well as her splodgy, inky, splattery effects.  

Dina was working in the most enormous book (full of yummy paper :)  )

Day One saw us exploring masks, and thinking about image placement on the page.  It was great to use masks that I wouldn't normally try...stars and flowers are usually my choice of image, but I love how the lady (she did have a name, Betty probably!!) turned out.

The people on the workshop were a great bunch and it was amazing to see how we all started with the same prompts yet produced such different work.

We were kept thoroughly entertained, and the snacks also kept us laughing!!!

On the way in to Art from the Heart we met Milliande (centre of photo below), whose online videos on art journalling I've watched.  [do check them out, I think they are brilliant!]

We discovered we were all staying in the same place so hooked up later for dinner and a good chat, with time later to share our journals.

[sorry for the poor photo, it was a bit dark in the room; thought it was worth sharing the piccie anyway]

Milliande had some gorgeous pages in her journal and showed us some she'd done for her January 'page a day'.

Day 2 involved a change of seat, a change of name [i just fancied being labelled differently so I was 'Alice', Sue was 'Fred', and we certainly weren't short of other cheeky girls to join in the fun :) ] and lots of layering.

We were very definitely the noisy end of the table, which surprised Dyan, she'd got the impression from my blog and the lovely things people say about me that I was quiet!!!! ;)

Er, no, not when I'm happy!  And throwing myself into my artwork

I felt like Harry Potter giving my page a good old splattering!! [Only when he holds a stick like this it's to conjure up a magic spell]. 


I love the layered piece I made that morning.  Milliande concentrated on making a piece in her journal with 'white space', and succeeded wonderfully [sorry I didn't get a piccie of it] and even used peeloffs  to great effect!

Actually, there was a distinct lack of peeloffs in this workshop, we had to bring our own ;) lol  Not that I could persuade Sue to use hers!!!  I do love the colours she used in this piece.

 I played with embedding objects...

before focusing on leaving a 'white space' on a page.  This is still unfinished, but I'm pleased with it so far.

As the workshop was over by about 4pm, we decided to continue back at the Premier Inn.  This is a bit difficult to do in one of their rooms as there is limited space, but sweet talking the lady at the reception desk (or putting your foot in it, which is what I did - fancy mentioning paint!!!) meant we got to play in the meeting room.

We set out our 'stuff'', then worked on each other's journals for a timed ten minutes at a time, before moving onto the next one.  My camera battery gave out at this point so Milliande took the piccies.  It was a fabulous experience, and I love my resulting page :)

Day three saw us travelling back down the motorway after a sneaky visit to Harrogate for brunch.  And look who came in after us!!!  Great minds and all that!!


  1. Just catching up, wow haven't you been busy! Lots of beautiful work as usual, your mil's card is stunning and your pages awesome!! I bet the workshop was great fun.

  2. The workshop sounds great fun, I've read a few blogs about it.Your finished pages look so amazing.

  3. A-MAZE-ING!!!!! Wow, I am blown away Sarah, your work is wonderful you are such a clever lady and I just cannot wait til you come down for our Art Journaling weekend, a whole Sarah Anderson extravaganza.(can I ask?? is Sue asleep at that table??)

  4. Wendy, you bad girl!!!!!!!!!! I've not stopped laughing, and can't look at that photo now without thinking she definitely looks asleep. Poor Sue, she'll never speak to me again!!

  5. Wowee... I really wanted to come to this workshop but it was too short notice and she is doing a live online class next week but I am on holiday - will definitely be trying for the next one tho...looks like it was a bit of fun!!!

  6. Thanks for that Sarah... will definitely do that...xoxo

  7. Oh it was like reliving those lovely playdays! Your pictures tell a fantastic story! Your pages are gorgeous Sarah, how special to have worked in each other's journals back at the hotel!
    And yes Fred does look to have nodded off there, but I guess she was thinking deeply about the next layer she would add to her page!!

  8. Once again , some fab stuff been crafted here !

  9. she wasnt asleep she had passed out at the mention of the P word..!! glad you enjoyed it, shes coming back in about 6 weeks and then a master class weekend in August, will keep you informed. gives you plenty of time =to learn "how to behave" not corrupting my usually extremely well bahaved students..!!! lmao x

  10. NOOOOO I was not asleep!!! Though I have to admit it does look like I have nodded off in the middle of working on that page! Thanks for that Sarah!! :)

  11. WOW! I so wish I lived in the UK. I'd love to have access to these fab classes. LOVE the style and need to get over my fear of paint and ink. LOL xxD

  12. Hi...just found your blog. Nice to see an image of someone l recognise. waving to Milliande !!!! I was married in Harrogate and l know the area well. I am going to try and go on one of Dina's workshops soon. l live down in londonxlynda

  13. That looked like a wonderful arty event, Sarah - thanks for sharing the photos!


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