Thursday, 19 August 2010

a bit of silliness for my PDCC #43



Why?  Well, I decided just to spice things up a bit with a bit of silliness to bring out the smiles :)  I love cute monsters, and have a small collection of them which used to live in my classroom :)

Julie's beautiful inspiration photo this week in the Play Date Cafe is all 'my' colours - blues and greens

Aren't those colours so refreshing looking?  I was glancing through my stamps with a few ideas playing around in my head for these colours, then my eye caught my set of monster stamps that Julie very kindly sent me a while back, and I was hooked!  So nothing beautifullly elegant from me this week ;)

I also realised I hadn't decorated an envelope recently either!  This is a tiny envelope that fits an ATC perfectly...hmm, now there's an idea ;)

This week, we have a UK guest designer - Paul Browning!  Paul has been with us in the cafe from the very beginning and plays every week, to such an extent we were worried when he didn't!  It was all ok though, he'd just nipped off for a holiday!  And don't forget our regular design team:

So hop on over to the cafe to see all the wonderful design team inspiration, and to meet our new 'private blend designer' :)  We have a great prize this week for the winning entry, courtesy of this week's sponsors Creative Inspirations

your choice of 12 colours from
[sparkly paint, yum yum!]


  1. Such a fun way to alter your envie with those cute images!

  2. You are always so funny! I knew these new little pots of paint would make your monster's mouth water : )
    Have I mentioned how GLAD I am that you are back from your hols??!! xx

  3. Adorable monster! Too fun! Love that his is an envelope that you have used as your surface!

  4. He is so cute! It IS good to have you home from your holidays, I agree with Julie.

  5. Did you lose the plot while you were on holiday???? LOL you and cute monsters!!!
    Good to be different though!

  6. This is darling, Sarah! Cutest monster I've ever come across.. :)

  7. Terrific fun, great giggle.
    Annette x

  8. I love silly, silly puts a smile on my face!!!!

  9. OH MY--that monster is so fun! I love this envie:) So glad to have you back from your holiday!! LOVE LOVE LOVE when you create and share! Great job with the color story!

  10. I never think to alter envelopes, you must nag me!! What a fab little monster, doesn't he just cheer you up so much!! LOVELY job! Funny!!!

  11. The monsters are a hit! So cute and a whole lot silly. Very fun and creative!

  12. Looking good Sarah A, looking good, Sarah A x :) (Haha funny you!!)

    Silly is GOOD sometimes hehe! Love your cute monster envelope but would never have guessed in a million years it was your creation! You never fail to surprise and inspire.

    Sarah x

  13. This is just sooo cool Sarah, I love cute monsters too... I married one ... ssssh...don't tell him I said that LOL xx

  14. This is just sooo cool Sarah, I love cute monsters too... I married one ... ssssh...don't tell him I said that LOL xx

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