Tuesday 24 August 2010

Steampunkin' Saturday

Quite how this collection passed me by, but when I arrived at The Cubby Hole, Crewe on Saturday to teach my Steampunk Journal workshop, there was the MaGNiFiCieNT Steampunk Debutante collection from Graphic 45 - wonderful not just because they're Steampunk, but they're in my favourite colours AND Art Deco. 


When we'd finally all got over the excitement, and selected our must have papers, we settled down for the class.

And look!  Two blokes on this workshop :)  Paul, Carol's other half, joined us this week, and judging by the gales of laughter from the 'top table', he fitted in perfectly and had a great time. Paul had never done any stamping before, never mind playing with inks and making books, but he did a fantastic job!  Special thanks to Christine who helped out when necessary :)

I'm sure I've said this before, but what I love about workshops is how differently people's work turns out, and this one was no exception.  There were some wonderful additions of colour to the 'sepia' palette...

 'little' Sue
 ...different front covers... 


[We were so impressed with Suzanne, she sometimes finds this inky, messy work a bit much, in a workshop situation, but she was in her element with this book, and was so chuffed to use the sewing machine for the first time!]

And of course, the inside pages.  [Sorry about the orange hue, these pages are quite orangey but my camera phone seems to think the surrounding table is too!]

 I had a fantastic time everyone, thanks for being so much fun to be with :)  I'll leave you with some pages from the sample journal I left with Carol...

...a reminder that if you're a 'southern gal', I'll be teaching this class at The Stamp Attic in a couple of weeks [check out their website for deets]
...and finally,  the link to the Graphic 45 blog.  If you're a fan of Steampunk, you HaVe to see their stand at CHA, and how the girls all dressed up, and this amazing project using the new papers :)


  1. Wow! Stunning work all round.

  2. What a fun workshop.... men and a sewing machine. The projects looked colourful and all different, just the job. Very, very inspiring!!

    Sue xx

  3. It looks great fun Sarah. Couldn't see my Ian doing it though!!!
    We'll see you at Wendy's - it's Lou's birthday on the Sunday so it's my treat for her (my poor credit card again!!)
    See you soon

  4. All fabulous and you must be a great teacher as all your work is terrific and inspiring. Annette x

  5. Wow Sarah, they all look totally engrossed in their creations nobody is shying away from the camera! They must have been behaving as there is even some journalling I spy!

    It is a FAB workshop and wow I am loving those papers.

    t'other Sarah A x

  6. How fabulous! Wish I could have been there. Got to have those papers I think....
    Chris x

  7. Sarah, Thanks for the mention! Actually I do love getting "inky" but only in my home lol, am very conscious about spreading out and making too much mess in someone's space.
    I enjoyed myself immensely and love your workshops,,,,they are always so relaxed and inspiring. Its just a shame I cannot afford them all.
    If you get chance I have a metal embossed box (on my blog) courtesy of another of your workshops!
    Cannot wait for the next batch of workshops....Thanks Sarah!
    Suz x
    (PS....sorry for the novel!)

  8. It's always a good time at your workshops and I know that all the way from here!
    Great photos and your students are really talented!
    Make sure NEXT TIME that you ask one of them to take a photo of their instructor ; ) xx

  9. WOW! WOW! WOW! What a lovely collection of pages.


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