Tuesday, 5 July 2011

ready for the kiln...

...is a commission for a 40th wedding anniversary

and a late birthday present for one of my nephews.

Tully was 6 yesterday and I bought him some lego but whilst at work on Sunday it suddenly occurred to me that he'd probably like something with his name on.  I decided on a bowl as the most useful piece of crockery for a six year old ...

... then added some fingerprint monkeys (design courtesy of Usborne Books!!!).

Why is it only now that I'm realising that the tail maybe should have come from the side?!!!


  1. Love the pottery but think you are right about the tail! lol - they are still fab little monkeys tho.

  2. It's so fun to see you working on these new creative things : ) Beautiful work as always xx

  3. Brilliant anyway! Super idea too! Hope you enjoyed your day! Chrisx

  4. Isn't hindsight wonderful! I love the bowl, and I am sure Tully will too. They ARE lovely monkeys...

  5. A very nice work done by you to give the gift on 14th anniversary. This is a beautiful way to tell a happy anniversary to our beloved one. Fabulous post.


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