Tuesday 5 July 2011

a sculptor's home in the beautiful Cheshire countryside

This is just one of the many stunning views from the farm near Tattenhall where the sculptor Stephen Broadbent has his home and studio.  

This was the location for the launch of a new Artist Network event for artists in the Chester Diocese.   Entitled 'Breathing Space' it truly lived up to its name.  Stephen and his wife Lorraine have a wonderful home which contains many of Stephen's sculptures

...stained glass by Lorraine...

...chickens who knock on the office window...

...and fabulous inspiration around every corner...

In the afternoon Stephen asked us all to form something from a piece of packaging material using files and sandpaper.  

We then had to put our piece together with someone else's to create a new 'sculpture'.  I'd created a pebble-like piece, which I then worked into like a bowl.  Unfortunately I went through the bowl's base so decided to add some more holes in the shape.  When I turned it it looked remarkably like a face, a shape Simon, next to me, had created with his packaging.  So we created a totem pole, entitled 'the embodiment of joy' LOL

I say 'we', Simon was happier taking photos ;)

Everyone's pieces were so different, yet fitted wonderfully together.  I didn't get pics of them all, but here are a few!

I thoroughly enjoyed today, for many, many reasons - new experiences are so good :)

EDIT: if you fancy a longer tour of the day, Simon has a great collection of photos here


  1. So Happy you had a great time!!! Many thanks for sharing this post! lovely!

  2. Looks like fun! Thanks for taking us on the tour, Sarah

  3. What a fabulous home, and some stunning work created too.

  4. Great post/photos Sarah - and lovely blog. Good to meet the Sale 4.

  5. Morning Partner. Lovely post and an irresistable blog. What a wonderful day. Thanks for your company and our sculpture. Joy and peace to you. Simon x

  6. So glad you enjoyed your day, looks like a great place and.....such fun.....!
    Hugs, Chrisx

  7. This looks fab. i'm loving your totem pole :-)


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